How To Buy The Right Lingerie?

Picking up the right type of lingerie is important, whether it is to perk up your sex life or simply to wear under your dress. You obviously know if it doesn’t fit you well, it’s never worth it. However, fitting is not the only criteria on which you should judge lingerie, so we have some tips for you here to assist you in picking up the right lingerie for yourself.

As we’ve mentioned, the first thing obviously is the size so when you walk into a lingerie store carry the measurement of your bust line with you. There are two places where you should measure your bust, one is right under your breasts and the other one is where your breasts are the fullest. When you have these two measurements, it will be easier for you and the store assistant to find the right cup size for you. As for the bottom line (I mean panties), you need a measurement of your waist and a measurement of your hips.

While fitting in is the prime most criteria; comfort is the second in line when you’re looking for that perfect piece of lingerie. Every woman has her own scale of judging comfort, like some want a bra to offer maximum support while others may just be looking to enhance the shape of the breasts. The choice of straps is another important point because some women find the elastic ones uncomfortable and thus would prefer lingerie with cotton straps. Even the choice of fabric is a matter of personal choice since quite a few women feel uncomfortable with synthetic yarns.

There was a time when lingerie was available mostly in white and skin shades, but today you have a wide range of colors to choose from. If you’re buying lingerie to be worn under a particular party dress, then get one which matches the color of your dress. However when you’re buying lingerie to get just a little naughty in the bedroom, then you can select based on your partners favorite color or a color that suits your skin and hair color. One set of black and one set of white lingerie must always be found in your wardrobe, as they can be used under most of your dresses.

And lastly, as for the styles you have a complete freedom to enjoy there, since nobody but you and your partner will know what you are wearing inside your clothes.

Sidharth Thakur