How To Buy Lingerie For Your Wife/Girlfriend

How To Buy Lingerie For Your Wife This article focuses on lingerie buying tips to men to increase sexual appetite in bedroom.

Color of Lingerie:

Your aim is to make your woman sexy. You should try colors that show her asset more and not hiding it.

When buying bra it is better to buy light-colored shades that can show her nipple. That would make you feel hot when you see her nipples getting erect. The other option is to have slight floral designs on bra. That would make her look sexy.

When it comes to panties, dark- colored panties work wonders. Dark blue and red do create an atmosphere of hiding something special under it and would send signal to your bra to disrobe it and find it.

There are certain colors like light pink, light blue and light green that would make her breast stand apart when compared with dark colors. White bras are common but it is better that you try white color on panties. Light brown color bra would add to excitement as it can match skin tone of woman. Ribbon in bra and panty would add to excitement.

Size of Lingerie:

You should know the size of her bra before buying it. You can check directly with her or browse through her bra that would display sizes like 34C like that. Panty comes normally in “Small”, “Medium”,   ”Large” size.

Lingerie Outfit:

Lingerie comes in various forms and you can choose the one that you like your wife to stand in front of you. You can think of sexy intimate scenes in movies that would have aroused you and you can visit department stores to buy her that lingerie. You should not think that your wife may not feel confident in wearing sexy lingerie. Your confidence would rub on her to try sexy outfits.

Texture of Lingerie:

Lingerie Outfit for wife

You should rub lingerie using your hands before buying her lingerie and material should flow smoothly over her skin. Cotton lingerie is ideal for outdoor wear. Smooth silky lingerie is ideal for sexy encounters.

Elastic of Panty and Bra Clasp:

The elastic of panty is important and it should not cling tightly to her body. You should look at bra clasp. If you feel that she need not wear bra clasp, you can buy her sports bra. You should also check whether bra clasp is in front or back. You can find her preference by looking at her bra. Front clasp is ideal for sexy intimate encounters.

Bikini Size:

Bikini size is important and you should buy one that shows her body shape well. You should communicate well with her before buying bikini lingerie.

Camisole and Chemise:

You should buy her see through camisole that would race your mind for action. You should buy her lower cut camisole and chemise so that you would get visual treat from her. You can try bamboo outfit camisole or other eco-friendly outfit to have green sex. You should buy her camisole that is dark in colors like black and blue.

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