How to Build the Defense of Your Body

When you are sick and in bed, the defenses of the body are built up through rest and nutrition and it happens in bed. It is one of the places where you need to take rest and also ward of the illness in due course of time. The participants getting less amount of sleep would develop cold get less than seven hours of sleep.

You can start with sipping hot liquids. These fluids would help to ease the congestion and also prevent the hydration. Hot drinks can do a better job and helps relieve you of cold and fly like sore throat. You can also drink lots of water and sip some honey and tea. But I guess, the age-old chicken soup works wonders for the physique as well as for the soul. Chicken soup has properties that are non inflammatory and it can help ease the mucus also come out.

If you feel you are having trouble sleeping, you can try giving the child a teaspoon of honey. It would also help to relieve the cough and cold of the child and also before putting him to sleep. They should be given honey before they go to bed.

A gargle with warm water and salt would help to release the sore throat and make you feel good. Dissolve some salt in a glass of warm water. You can gargle at a distance of three to four hours for some relief.

You can use saline nasal drops for fighting a nose that is stuffy and that which would keep the nasal tissues moistened. These drops are safe for the kids and after a research, it was found that the children whose nose has been washed with saline solutions stayed out of all symptoms of flu and cold. At the Wisconsin university, the researchers have found out that the salt water wash of the nose can improve symptoms of allergy.

The influenza viruses and the cold viruses are likely to thrive and survive in conditions that are dry. You can use a humidifier to fight out the indoor air that is dry. The conditions in the air can cause a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose. The humidifier should be free of all bacteria and other germs and the water can be changed daily and the unit can be cleaned after three days.

Following these short steps could help you to stay healthy and out of all symptoms of cold and flu.