How to Build Stronger Bones!

We can manage a little stress and that does not make our bones weak. It is the greater amount of stress that plays havoc with our bones. Bones need weight bearing exercises. Weight bearing exercises are those that make the skeleton bear some weight and swimming is out of all that although it has some positive effects on fitness.

There are some exercises like basketball, tennis, dancing, hiking, running and walking which are all time favorites. There are also other activities like pole dancing, skate boarding and gymnastics. The exercises cause a lot of bends and stretches and this is found out by the bone building cells and the bone lining cells.

The hormones are also there and the calcium comes out of the cells thus growing the tissue in the bones. There is higher bone mineral deposit and the density is higher too.

You need to develop stronger muscles also because muscles help to move the bones in the first place. You have to stand with your legs apart and then stand on your toes for five seconds and then get down and again on your toes and down. Do that exercise fifty times so that the muscles are stronger and the bones also get stronger in the long run. This simple exercise is extremely important for toning your leg muscles and also for the strength of your bones.

You should eat foods like dairy, oysters, salmon, sardines, broccoli, and other leafy vegetables. Whole grains should be avoided as these prevent the absorption of calcium. You can have enough of onions and garlics as they contain a lot of sulfur. You should not take animal foods that are high protein and also take less caffeine. Daily exercises are just what you need to boost up your calcium and dancing and weight lifting exercises are the best.

You can add to the diet, the supplements of Vitamin D, Magnesium and Calcium. You can also supplement the diet with some silica which is helpful for absorbing the calcium. Some herbs that help in the building of bones like the rose hips, the parsley, nettle, dandelion root, barley grass and alfalfa are great for the building of bones. You can take them as tablets, as tinctures or as tablets.