How To Breakup With Your Boyfriend

How To Breakup With Your Boyfriend

How To Breakup With Your Boyfriend Most relationships are complicated but it is best to end some relationships when it becomes impossible to tolerate. Breaking up with someone with whom you have spent a lot of time can be very difficult.

But when two people cannot adjust to each other’s needs and requirements, then the relationship breaks up on its own. But that often ends on a bad note. It is very important to end a relationship on a good note as that prevents bad feelings from breeding in minds of either of the two.

So if you have been thinking about breaking up with your boyfriend for a long time, then do it without delaying it any further. You have been thinking about breaking up with him for a long time, that itself is a sign of end of the relationship. It sure must have taken a lot of unpleasant episodes, for you to have reached this point. So it is best to end this relationship as soon as possible so that you and your boyfriend get rid of this constant agony and pain. Here are few tips that will help you break up with your boyfriend.

Make A Decision

It is very important to come to a firm decision before to break up. Your break up should not be an impulsive decision right after a fight or argument. Take your time to think if your decision is merely as a result of impulsiveness or you have come to this point after repeated episodes of disappointment. If you have been fighting a lot lately and have not been able to take each other’s temper tantrums, then you must end the relationship. So make sure that you think through all such factors before making a firm decision.

Meet Your Boyfriend

Once you have made up your mind to breakup with your boyfriend, the next step is to set up a meeting with him. Do lay a foundation saying that there is something important that you wish to discuss with him. Ensure that you do not overdress when you meet your boyfriend to breakup with him. Choose a very simple dress and remain very casual. This will make it less hard on your boyfriend.Do not choose alternative methods of breakup like social networking sites, a friend etc. Do meet him and let him know personally that you wish to end this relationship.

Choose A Location

It is very important to choose the right location to breakup with your boyfriend. Do not choose any of your regular spots where you used to hangout a lot, as that can bring back a lot of memories. Choose a new and yet a calm and quiet place where both of you can sit and talk for a while. Make certain that the location is comfortable for both of you and is perfect for an easy conversation. Avoid crowded places like shopping malls, cafeteria etc.

Rehearse Your Conversation

Before you meet him, make a list of all the things that you want to tell your boyfriend. Also think through about what your boyfriend might say to you after hearing your conversation. Avoid any bitter statements and remarks as that can hurt his feelings and make it difficult for him to deal with the breakup. Remember that you have to part on a happy note. So make sure that you know the things that you have to tell him before meeting him.

Stay Determined

Stay Determined

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Once you meet your boyfriend and confront him about breaking up with him, he might ask you to give the relationship another shot. But you will have to stick to your decision. Come what may stay determined and do not change your decision. Remember that you have tried every possible way to make this relationship work. If you do not end it now, then it might end at a later point of time. So there is no point in taking a meaningless relationship without any future further. So stick to your ground no matter what your boyfriend says or do.

Be Straightforward

Let him know the list of reasons which are responsible for the breakup. However, while doing so do not try to sound too harsh or bitter. Speak to him calmly, but do convey your feelings straightforwardly. However, do not blame him entirely for the breakup. Accept your mistakes and take the responsibilities for all the things you did as well. Remember that it always takes two people to make or break up a relationship.

Hear Him Out

Do give your boyfriend a chance to talk as this is the last time. Do listen to his justifications, opinions etc. But after listening to everything, let him know that the relationship cannot work no matter what they do and hence it is best to end this relationship. Your boyfriend should not feel that he did not get a chance to justify himself.

Stay Calm

There might have been things that left you heartbroken and shattered. But try not to bring up such matters and issues in a fit of rage. You will have to remain calm and positive while confronting your boyfriend. This might be difficult but you will have to stay patient and calm during your meeting with him.

Prepare Yourself

Your boyfriend might not take the breakup very well for obvious reasons. But you will have to prepare yourself to hear or face his outbursts. He has every right to be upset and so try your best to empathize with him. This will make it easier on him to deal with the breakup. Ensure him that you will be his friend forever.

Breaking up this way will help both of move forward with life without feelings of hatred. However, if your boyfriend is extremely aggressive and might create fuss about the breakup, then you can definitely breakup with him without meeting him. Some people are not brave enough to accept their mistakes and try to conceal their disappointment with their aggressiveness. So follow the above mentioned steps to breakup with your boyfriend only if he is man enough to accept his mistakes and can take it positively.

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