How To Bleach & Tone Hairs At Home

How To Bleach & Tone Hairs At Home

How To Bleach & Tone Hairs At Home Many people like to change looks of their hairs frequently. For this purpose, they use different types of formulations. For example, hair dyes and hair colors are used regularly for changing looks of hairs.

Apart from these bleaching formulations are also used by many women for looking more chic. Hairs can be bleached and toned by visiting a beauty salon but regular visits may prove expensive. Hairs can be bleached at home also. Though it is a tricky process, it is cost effective.

How to Bleach & Tone Hairs at Home for Looking More Chic

Since chemical contained in bleach powder and developer can lead to chemical burns, it is better if gloves are used for bleaching hairs. For application, bleach powder and cream developer are first mixed in a plastic bowl by using an applicator brush. Since chemical fumes may be generated, mixing should be done in a properly ventilated area.

Many hair experts believe that before applying this mixture on hairs, goggles should be worn. For protecting the eyes completely, tape should be applied around the goggles. Developer and bleach powder should be mixed well for forming a uniform paste. This paste is applied to dry combed hairs. Hairs are first parted into four sections.

It must be remembered that bleaching paste application is never started at the roots of hairs. This is because doing this leads to lighter roots and darker ends. Thus, application should be started from the back and towards the top of head. Bleaching paste should be applied all over the head, 1.5 inches away from the roots initially.

After application is complete, bleaching mixture is applied to roots only. However, this mixture must not be massaged into scalp in large quantities. Afterwards, a white or clear plastic bag is worn over hairs. This bag must not cover the face in any manner. It is then tied up at the nape of neck so that all hairs get tucked underneath it.

Some people also use grocery bags for covering hairs. However, it must be ensured that printed side is not lying against the hairs, as color can get transferred to hairs. After covering, hairs are left for one hour. In no case, bleaching paste should be left on hairs for more than one hour, as it can damage them severely.

Afterwards, hairs are washed with a pH neutralizing shampoo, as it prevents any type of basic or acidic chemical reactions from occurring on the scalp. Hairs should be rinsed with water many times for removing all the residues. This is followed by a deep conditioning treatment.

If color of hairs is not as light as desired, bleaching process must not be repeated immediately. After one week, process can be repeated again. However, repeated bleaching of hairs for three to four weeks must be avoided altogether. After bleaching process is over, a violet based toner is applied to hairs when they become pale yellow in color. Toner is applied for removing yellow or brassy tones also. Toner is left on hairs for ten to fifteen minutes. Afterwards, hairs are washed thoroughly, dried and styled.