How To Become More Attractive For Men

attractive-women The personality and fashion conscious society of today has deeply reinforced the age old idea that a woman’s external beauty is what is most important, than any of her other traits. And sadly, this over emphasis on beauty has distracted us all, and somewhere in the race we have forgotten that a woman’s abilities as a human being are no less important. It’s good to be conscious about one’s external appearance, but external beauty cannot compensate or overshadow the inside person.

Inner beauty and attraction

The general laws of attraction talk only about a woman’s beauty as being the main factor that brings a man closer to a woman. That’s one reason why most women go quizzing about their attractiveness for men.

If you’ll sit back and think, you will realize that people have praised you on most occasions about your particular qualities rather than simply for your looks. And well, it is your qualities that work, to get a man attracted to you rather than your physical beauty. If the guy who proposes you is attracted by your qualities rather than your beauty, then you can be confident that the relationship is going to last for a long time. Physical attraction has a limited life, and eventually what matters is the real person.

While and I am laying stress on your inner personality, I’m not saying that external projection has nothing to do with attraction. External beauty is equally important, and a guy who can find a girl, with both external as well as internal beauty, will feel blessed.

Keep that femininity alive

Some of today’s fashion styles are absolutely weird and can mute your feminine aspects, which have a very strong role to play in attracting a man. As nature has made men and women differently, men will be attracted only towards women who have a strong essence of femininity in their external appearance as well as their personality.

So the next time you want to go out on a date, be sure to enhance your femininity quotient, to have lover boy running head over heels after you. And please remember, that while your dress up and makeup is one way to express your femininity, your attitude and behavior is what portrays stronger femininity.

Before we end

With makeup and expensive dresses, looking attractive is easy, but if you want to have a long lasting effect of this attractiveness, you need to make your inner being equally attractive.