How To Become Irresistible For Men?

So you’ve been trying to impress this guy, for quite some time now, but haven’t succeeded yet. Umm…the situation is serious, so let us help you out with this. They’ve got here three little secrets that are simply irresistible for men.

The most powerful tool you have is that pretty little smile that sits on your lips, because men feel at ease with women who love to smile. Your smiling exudes confidence and your playful nature and that is one temptation men can’t overlook. Be your natural self, and smile whenever you feel like smiling, there’s no need for you to remain cautious and guard your smiles.

Lots of people tell you to control your behavior in front of the guy, whom you wish to impress. But sweetheart, unless you smile, how do you expect him to know that you are happy to have him around you. A smile has the lovely warmth to open up people and make them comfortable, so use it to your advantage.

Women get a lot of attention from men, and most men will listen to you with interest. The so when they are willing to listen to you, even men would want a woman who is ready to listen to them. And it isn’t tough, because most men have little to say and they would be happy if you just spare out a few minutes to sit down and listen to them.

And as I said men just have a little to say, let the tête-à-tête go on smoothly without you trying to push in any of your dominating dialogs. And most importantly when you’re listening to him, look at him, because men want that reassurance that you’re interested in what they’re talking about.

And now for the last advice, and one which is really important, men love real women. When I say real women and I mean one who’s got a feminine touch in her personality. You know how the law for attraction goes, that opposites attract each other.

He’s not looking for a guy in you; rather he is looking for a woman so show it to him in your dress up. Throw away all your college time tomboy clothing, and get into something that is soft and cuddly, expressing femininity. If you’re still bent upon wearing your usual shirt and jeans, at least look for a short in a feminine fit and color.

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Sidharth Thakur