How To Be Friends With Your Ex

To find someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life is not as easy as it sounds. Usually before finding the Mr. Right, the ‘Soul mate’, we have to go through flings, crushes, affairs and so on. And then if you are lucky, you might just end up in the arms of your Soul mate. Meanwhile our short term relationships offer a variety of experiences to us.

Some are heart-wrenching, disappointing and painful while others, despite of the agony, teach us a lot in terms of love and compassion. They teach us how to be a better and bigger person and how to face similar tough situations in the future. They teach us how to deal with hurt and yet move ahead in life. At times, we also come across people, who may not be the perfect choice as lovers, but are perfect as friends.

So while you carry on with your quest for your Soul Mate, you can at least remain friends with your Ex. Sometimes, breaking up a relationship is for the best of both the partners. When two people are not meant for each other, it is futile to keep the relationship alive. If you have broken up on peaceful terms, realizing that the relationship was not going well for both of you, you can remain pals and help each other through difficult times.

When you get into a relationship with a person, you get to know a lot about him and you are able to understand him as a person. Such insights can be very helpful when you become friends despite your failed relationship. However not every relationship ends pleasant note. Some relationships end with anger, frustration, feeling of betrayal, etc. You tend to hold on to grudges against your ex for a long time and find it difficult to forgive him.

Nonetheless, remember one thing. Keeping grudges is going to make you a bitter person and you cannot find peace inside yourself until and unless you learn to forgive and forget. Move ahead by letting go of the complaints and bitterness. Start on a new note and try to be friends. If you are the one who initiated the break up, don’t cut off from your ex completely. Be with your ex as friends and support him as he adjusts to the fact that you two are no longer in a relationship.

Just remember the affection and care that he had for you and how well he treated you. There are very few people who genuinely care about others and if you have such a person in your life, don’t let him go. Keep him as a friend in your life. While you try to be friends with your Ex, keep in mind that when you decided to end the relationship, it was your final decision. Don’t let old emotions to overpower again. Don’t forget the things which forced you to make this decision. If being with your ex ignites the feelings of the past, it is better to let go off him completely.

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