How To Be An Excellent Parent

being-the-ideal-parent Pregnancy is the most exciting and delightful experience of a woman’s life. It  is also the first step to the parenthood. Women often start making future plans of their  child even when they are only in the phase of pregnancy.

Like most parents if you want your child to be the epitome of virtues you need to encourage them in every sphere of life. To encourage them you need to be interested in your child’s every activity.

Debbie Glade, a mother and writer, talks with the students about their own decisions which frame their lives. So you also need to do this so that the child in future does not start blaming his/her parents. It is necessary for the parents to talk to their children about their failures and the causes behind those failures.

You need to decide how you want to go about the upbringing of your child. Do you want the child to be like you with your positive qualities or unlike you without the negative qualities of yours?

Let your child be a free willed person. But make sure that your child doesn’t repeat the mistakes. There is none who is to be termed as the ideal, faultless human being. Yet there are successful men. The parents must highlights their success before the child and at the same time they must show their child the way in which he/she can repair the mistakes committed by the parents. Free and friendly communication always strengthens the bond between the parents and children. Remember your experiences from your childhood and think of their positive and negative sides. Then apply those experiences on your child’s upbringing.

To be a good parent you need to be a good observer. Try to recognize the symptoms of your child’s behavior and analyze them. Remember your teenage mistakes and their symptoms and ask your self if your symptoms equals with your child’s or not. If you can remember you feelings associated with your experience the definitely you can understand your child’s state and can suggest him/her the remedial way which you had never shown by your parents.

Some parents are fortunate enough to have children who have all the good qualities of both of their parents with his/her individual touch. These types of children also need to be treated as an individual person.

Well, pregnancy can be good time to ponder over your parenting. Just remember that you still have a lot of time to prepare yourself for the parenting. But the moment you become a parent start treating your child as an individual human being and never ever let your unfulfilled dreams to be your child’s burden.