How to be a Fashionable Mom

Most children dread being seen with their mothers. This is either because their mothers smother them all the time or the children are not very happy with their mother’s fashion sense. Most parents of teens would face this issue. Most mothers spend endless hours taking care of their children that they forget to care for themselves and let themselves go; this is one of the main reasons why mothers are often not very fashionable.

If you are a mom and you want to look your best every day then here are a few tips for you.

If you are a mom there are chances that you prefer to wear casual clothes. This is almost true unless you are Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Lopez. If you switch on the television you will see that most Hollywood moms are always dressed in casuals and they look gorgeous. This is because you need not look frumpy if you are casually dressed. Make an effort to look good even if you are wearing jeans and a T shirt.

I had my first child when I was 23 and that was when I started wearing a uniform. Jeans and T shirts; they were comfortable and easy to get in and out of in a hurry. This was great because I could wear fashionable jackets when I needed to leave the house and I looked and felt great. Look out for such outfits that you can dress up by simply wearing a single accessory.

Moms look dreadful due to lack of exercise. Most mothers complain that lack of time leads to lack of exercise; if this is the case then you are lying to yourself. Exercise when your children are watching cartoons. Don’t feel shy to play with them in the park; it’s the best form of exercise and you will bond with your kids too.

Pay attention to your hair and makeup. This is one department that most moms forget about completely. You need to maintain your hair in order to look presentable. Cut your hair every month and wash it regularly.

Lastly, carry a handbag that is not too large. Most moms are seen carrying frumpy handbags that look like they are running away from home. Instead follow the trend of Hollywood moms, invest in a good handbag that look good and increases your style quotient.