3 Ways To Be A Cool Parent To Your Teenager

3 Ways for being cool parent to your child

3 Ways for being cool parent to your child Teenagers always want their parents to be cool and are frequently embarrassed by their parents’ behavior, clothes and speech.  If you want to know how to be ‘cool’ so that your teen is proud to be your kid, have a look at the suggestions and advice given below on how to be a cool parent to your teenager.

Tips To Be A Cool Parent To Your Teenager

Understand Your Role As A ‘Cool Parent’

Being a cool parent, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on discipline and rules. You’re still a ‘parent’ so you don’t have to let teenagers have their own way. Parents that give their teens unlimited freedom in order to be cool, have a tough time dealing with them when they get out of hand.

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So make sure they know you’re still the boss, or they might think you don’t mind them borrowing your car keys and going for a spin when they’re still underage. If your teen is of age (over 18) it is fine to be more broadminded, though they still have to abide by a few rules as long as they’re under your roof.

Cool Parent Don’ts

Many parents make the mistake of trying to ‘fit’ in with the younger ones. Be warned, teenagers really hate that sort of thing. The last thing they want is you turning up and trying to be chatty with their friends, making stale jokes, trying to use their lingo, and generally trying to be one of the gang. Mommies should also be aware that kissing and hugging their kids in public, or calling them endearing terms and nick names in public is extremely embarrassing to them.

Cool parents don'ts

Another thing that is tabooed is dressing like your teenager, and that means no revealing clothing like tank tops, flashy miniskirts, torn jeans, sagging jeans, etc. Other things you as a cool parent shouldn’t do are, telling people about your teenager’s childhood days (your teen wouldn’t like everyone to know he had a cute bear called Snuggles when he was little), showing folks old childhood photographs (no pictures of drooling babies in diapers or having a bath!), making references to anything embarrassing in their private or school lives, and that means if your kid’s done something like flunk a paper or been dismissed from the football team, don’t let the whole world know it.

Cool Parents Do’s

When you meet your teenager’s friends, either wait to be introduced or introduce yourself politely and calmly, and then excuse yourself and leave the kids to do their own thing. If you have to be with them (like in the car for instance) remain silent and only join in the conversation if you are spoken to. To be a cool parent to your teenager, you also need to dress the part, and that means wearing elegant clothing like pretty dresses and knee length skirts for moms, and low-key attire like ordinary t-shirts or shirts with jeans for dads.

cool parent Do's

While you don’t have to listen to their music or watch the same movies they do, it always helps to know a little about your teenager’s tastes in music and things like that. Try to be familiar with the names of the artists, movie stars and books that are popular these days. Being a cool parent also means being familiar with modern technology, so try to learn how to do things like texting, using social networking sites, sending emails, etc. If you text or message teenagers, be sure to use proper and grammatically correct English and not any abbreviated jargon. Finally, be a cool parent to your teenager by being supportive and helpful, and your kid will truly appreciate you and be proud of you.

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