How To Battle Breakup Loneliness

How To Battle Breakup Loneliness

How To Battle Breakup Loneliness After the breakup, it becomes very hard for a girl to move on in life. Here are some guidelines, which can help you overcome such loneliness.

Self Pity

The most common belief that everybody follows is by pitying oneself. Do not feel sympathy for yourself. You need to be confident, self responsible (sometimes you lose control over yourself, tend to be suicidal) and move on in life.

You should watch your favorite TV program and also should spend some time for yourself. You should regain some important aspects that you have neglected recently.

Be Near Your Dear Ones

After breakup it is best to be in close proximity of your near and dear ones that mean your friend and family. This nearness to your family and friends will bridge the gap from loneliness. Sometimes it so happens that you fall prey to depression, which is like self destruction and at this point of time, being close to your trusted ones helps a lot. They will always be there for you when you need them. You can also invite your friends to your place and you will surely feel better.

Interest and Hobbies

If you have some interest or hobbies in life you should indulge in pursuing those things. To tackle loneliness and breakup you should get engaged with some hobbies of your choice like painting, modeling, writing, etc.

If you have a tendency to write then you can write whatever you feel about your ex and this outpour will definitely help you.  Now you have time for your own as you are not sharing it with your partner, so make the most of it. If you again fall in love with somebody special you will certainly loose this precious time of self pampering.

Working to the Fullest

The majority of people who have broken up with their partner indulge themselves in work. They do this to fill up the empty space they have in life. To eliminate the ruthless pangs of loneliness in life they tend to bury themselves in work. However, this may prove to be very fruitful in years to come, but why work your way towards more of seclusion.

How About a Trip of your Choice

This can be very fruitful. You should take some days off from your work and go for a trip of your choice. You can go out on a trekking trip as a long walk to your destination will wear you out and you, at the end of the day, will hardly remember your ex. The scenic beauty surrounding you will only prevail in your mind. By the time you are back to your grounds you will probably feel that you are enjoying the best phase of your life.

Raising Young Ones

You feel lonely after a breakup. Gear yourself up. If you have a child of your own, then invest all of your time in nurturing him/her. Play games, watch TV and also play some video games with your child. If you do not have a child of your own then you can visit an orphanage. There you can teach those children, buy gifts for them, sing to them and there are many more things that you can do to help them feel good. You will feel complete as a woman and on the run, you will forget about your ex-partner.

What’s Absent in Life?

Battle Breakup Loneliness

In some cases, after the breakup with your most beloved one, you should go into retrospect. This is the best way to find out the problems that you have encountered with your partner. Check out what is absent in your life other than your partner. You will come upon various things in your life that you have neglected. It can be very simple issues like reading books, spending a little more time in your bath, taking time to comb your hair properly or just thinking about yourself. You are not being selfish, just giving time to yourself. Enjoy life to the fullest.

No Restrictions in Life

You have restricted yourself too much when your partner was there with you. Now, let go of yourself. You can watch the channel of your choice without your partner’s nagging. You had loved eating ice-cream but gave it up because of your partner. Now is the time to eat gorge on the ice-cream of your liking. You can also leave your apartment in a mess; there is nobody to shout at you now. Just let go of the restrictions in your life.

Take a Warm Bath

If you want to combat loneliness and depression after a breakup just go for a warm refreshing bath. Research has proven that warm bath acts as a substitute for group of people. Warm physical experience reduces the suffering of loneliness. Mainly, loneliness is all about missing warmth. So, taking warm bath is an exclusive way to recover from your distress.

Reinvent New Hobbies

This is just the right time to invent new hobbies. Anything that you had a knack for can now become your hobby. You can try out something like photography or become a foodie…this may increase your weight, but do not take care of it as of now. How about becoming a road runner and exploring new places of your liking. You can also become a shopaholic and there are many more ideas that you can invent as your hobby.

Be Positive

The very best that you can do to battle the loneliness of breakup is to think positive throughout and be happy. Make “be happy and make happy” the motto of your life.

Do Yoga

De-stress yourself by meditation and yoga. Meditation will help you to heal from loneliness and at the same time it will make your mind and body stronger. This method is harmless and very positive.

Take a Trip to Your Counselor

If all the above factors have proved themselves wrong then the last resort you can take is to consult your psychiatrist. The professional direction and recommendation will help you to overcome loneliness. Do take the advice seriously as the guidance will surely be at your side. Hope these guidelines help you to make yourself an individual with lots of positivity in life.

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