How To Avoid The Problem Of Dry Hair

dry hair Nearly two in every five women face the problem of dry hair, and these women go struggling around to make their hair look shiny and healthy.

The biggest problem with dry hair is that the problem becomes worse every time you wash your hair. With dry hair, everyday seems like a bad hair day, unless you work progressively towards treating your dry hair problem.

Dandruff is another common problem that may affect you alongside dry hair, since both these problems result from the lack of moisture in the hair and the scalp.

Here are some of the external factors which may be responsible for your dry hair.

1. Using hair products containing harsh chemicals.

2. Subjecting your hair to excessive styling treatments.

3. Using heat to style up your hair, such as blow-dryer or curling irons.

4. Overexposing your hair to the sun and the wind.

5. Using hot water for your head wash.

6. Not covering your head with a swimming cap when you go swimming.

Apparently, all these external factors are easy to avoid and all that’s needed is a little bit of care during washing and styling.

First of all you need to look at all your hair care products, to ensure that none of them contain any kind of harsh chemicals. Secondly, if a certain product seems to trigger dryness, then consider switching that hair care product with a more natural product.

As far as possible, avoid any heat or chemical based hair styling treatments. Also you should let your hair dry naturally after a head wash, leaving your blow-dryer for emergency use only.

Whenever you step outside in the sun, or when it is too windy outside, you should go in for some scarf or barrette to prevent your hair from drying. And as for the swimming pool, never step into one without a swimming cap, to prevent chlorine damage.

Sidharth Thakur