How to Avoid Swelling on your Feet if you are Pregnant

Swollen legs and ankles are synonymous with pregnancy. Though most women and families are happy about the new addition to the family the pregnant woman suffers a lot during her entire term. Swelling on the ankles and legs can cause a lot of stress and this is not a healthy condition. Fortunately, there are several home remedies to get rid of the pain in the ankles and swelling on the feet.

As a rule pregnant women must not stand for extended periods. They also need to walk for only 30 to 35 minutes a day. Walking for longer durations cause the ankles and legs to show signs of swelling. If you are pregnant and want to avoid swelling on your legs you need to use comfortable shoes. Forget walking in high heeled shoes for a few months.

It is imperative that pregnant women relax and avoid getting stressed out. Continue to be positive and do not listen to the advice of anyone around; the only person you need to listen to is your doctor. If you are stressed out you increase the chances of swelling on the body.

Drinking plenty of water and maintaining hydration is an easy way to prevent swelling on the legs. Sometimes, dehydration leads to swelling and thus drinking water is a good option.

Yoga is an effective cure that pregnant women must make use of The breathing techniques and postures that yoga preaches helps to reduce stress levels and prevents harm to the body.

Massages are an easy way to reduce swelling. Massaging the back and legs daily at night helps to ease the swelling and reduces it drastically. Use olive oil and gently massage your feet before you head for a shower. This increases the blood circulation in the feet and reduces the possibility of swelling on the feet.

Add lavender oil to your bath water to reduce stress in the feet. The oil soothes the nerves and causes a calming effect.

If you are pregnant and are showing signs of swelling on the feet then you must reduce the amount of sodium in your diet. Sodium causes water retention and may be the cause of swelling on your feet.