How To Avoid Lipstick Stains On Teeth

Lipstick has been a girls’ best friend since ages. The Egyptians used henna to color their lips. Even Queen Elizabeth was fond of lip colors. Lipstick was thought to possess curative powers and the power to ward off evil. Over the years the formula has undergone many changes.

This beauty product comes with its own benefits. The wide ranging formula actually keeps your lips moisturized and beautiful. However, fond of lipstick a woman is, what has always bothered her at one point of time or another, are the lipstick stains on the teeth. Did you ever have to go through this?

Your entire beautiful attire and perfect makeup gets ruined by lipstick stains on your teeth? While the lighter shades are still manageable, the brighter and darker shades are way too less forgiving to be ignored. This is because they immediately show up against the white teeth.  So, what do we do about it? Avoid lipstick altogether? The obvious answer is ‘no’. There are ways by which you can avoid lipstick stains on the teeth.

The first step is to wear a matte lip color. The matte lip colors, because of their dryness, tend to hold on to the lips better, and due to this texture, they tend to transfer less onto other objects which also includes your teeth. But there is a problem, the matte lipsticks are not preferred by many women who like to keep their lips hydrated. So what is the other option?

It is very simple.  Wear your regular lip color and then take a tissue paper. Fold the tissue and then place it between your lips and press them together on the tissue. The excess moisturizer would be absorbed without drying your lips too much. If the moisturizer is absorbed, the color would not glide over and get into your mouth and eventually on your teeth.

In order to make the intensity of the lip color deeper, you can go over for a second coat and repeat this process again. This would keep your lipstick color intense, as well as make it a bit transfer resistant. If you do not like any of the above, which includes matte lipsticks or matte lipstick look is not for you and if you are too fond of shiny lips, there is a very simple method by which you can always prevent lipstick stains on your teeth.

Simply put on the lip color as you would and top it with gloss as you would like to, in short, do up your lips in whatever way you want to. Once you are done stand in front of a mirror. Pout your lips into an ‘O’ and then put your index finger in your mouth and then, circle the ‘O’ around it and gently pull it out just as you would lick off molten chocolate from your finger tips. This would take off the color from the inner part of your mouth which would prevent staining your teeth.

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