How To Avoid Cravings When You Are On A Diet

craving Dieting is no easy job, especially considering the kind of control that you need to exercise over your cravings. But then that’s the small price that you must pay in order to stay fit and healthy.

Simply put, either you love your body or you love your food. If you dream of a slim and trim figure, then you have to put a stop on the amount of foods that you hog.

The biggest battle is to fight your urges and exercise control over your cravings. If you emerge victorious in this battle, you will definitely be able to achieve the kind of lean figure that you’ve been dreaming of. However, saying no to all the foods that you love may leave a pang of regret within you. At the same time, if you give in to your cravings you may be filled with guilt and self loathing.

That’s one dicey situation to deal with, because either you will regret or you will bear the guilt, whichever way you go. But that doesn’t really have to be the case. As opposed to the common interpretation, dieting is not about depriving and torturing yourself.

Constantly depriving yourself, of the foods that you love, will certainly end up in bingeing later on, and the end result of this may not be very pleasing. Controlling your desires only to binge later will make you gain more weight than you would possibly lose with your diet plan.

Discipline counts

Dieting is most effective when you can learn to discipline your mind, so in the first place you must learn that dieting is definitely not about depriving yourself. Even when you’re on a diet, you can always eat things that you love to eat, and all that you need to watch out is the quantity that you consume.

And even if you end up eating a little bit more, than what you should have eaten, you need to burn the extra calories with some exercise. So if you want to have that extra doughnut, then you should be equally willing to spend fifteen minutes extra at the gym.

Sidharth Thakur