Ways To Avoid Boring Sex As A Newly Wed

How To Avoid Boring Sex As A Newly Wed The key to enjoy sex in early period of marriage is to understand each other. You will feel shy to look at your wife or take initiative in sex. That would cut the foreplay and that would also cut the lubrication needed for sex.

Start talking with her by looking at her face. You should not stare when you talk with her. Have a genuine feeling of making love with her and that would bring a sparkle in your eyes. Slowly caress her hair and say something good about her hair.

Know train engine well to enjoy better sex in initial periods of marriage
You should remember the way train engine functions. The engine would take time to get into rhythm and train would leave the station in slow mode and it would slowly increase speed. It is better to imitate passenger trains, that stops at all stations and not try to imitate bullet train which would hit target faster.

Talk with her and give her a kiss on cheek and note her impression. Start kissing her slowly and you should concentrate on her different body parts. Do not try to kiss her erogenous zones straight away. You should slow down when you feel that you have reached a rhythm and that would help you to prolong your foreplay act. Talk with her and then start kissing process. Kiss her hands and hold her close to your body.

Join Together In Small Places

You should stay together under a table which will not offer you freedom to move around or get up. You should caress her and you should rub your bodies together. You should vow that you will have sex under the table. You should lie down together in small bed that would help you to enjoy each other body well.

Have Band Aids In Your Hand

You should place band-aid in each finger of your hand and say to her that she should feed her and move closer to her and kiss her cheek. Let her feel comfortable in your presence and she would giggle a lot. That would cut the tension between you and you can hit the bed sheets faster.

Get Bolder

Buy different types of condoms and teach her about it. Make her help you wear it and that would bring a sense of friendship with you and would make her feel comfortable.

Sweater Sex

You should buy a sweater that is big and wear it. Make her snuggle under your sweater and make her face come out of sweater neck and kiss her face by dancing together. She would feel warmth of your kisses and she would also feel hot inside your sweater.

Bed Sheet Sex

Take two bed sheets together and make it like as a sack. Then you should join bed sheet naked and enjoy sex inside bed sheet without coming out. It would need some time before you hit hole and just enjoy process.