How to Avert Hair Graying

Hair graying is shockingly common problem these days especially among teenagers. Hardly few kids are seen without a gray strand these days. This is unhealthy and something that is not natural. In teenagers, it is because of stress, tension, over exposure to sunlight and pollution, etc but one basic reason of graying of hair is age as well.

As we get older, the hair begins to get gray because of decrease in production of pigment called melanin in the bulb of hair. This promotes graying of hair but you can keep a control over it so that it does not easily happen to you. So here are some tips to avert graying of hair.

The first thing that you must do is to cover your hair when you go out. A fancy hat, a cool scarf or a protecting umbrella could be solution. The intense heat and bright light coming from sun could decrease the production of melanin which in turn causes graying. Limit he use of gels or hair creams as they kind of choke the pores of scalp and that can do some serious damage.

If you are into swimming, then a cap of swimming is a must have. Not only does the chlorine water promote hair graying, it can totally damage hair texture plus can cause various infections of scalp. You may suffer from irritation and redness of scalp. While sleeping, let your hair be loose and not tightly braided. This can weaken the roots of hair plus cause graying.

Oiling is one the basic thing that is recommended for proper hair nourishment and if it is not taken care of, hair would get less nutrition because of which graying happens sometimes. So oil hair with hot coconut oil thrice in a week followed by ho towel treatment.

Do not indulge much into alcohol and smoking plus do not use styling products containing alcohol as they can dry the hair roots. Use a natural shampoo as chemical based ones are very harsh on hair and cause graying if over used. So this is how you can prevent hair graying.