How To Apply The Concealer Perfectly

Picking the right concealer for your skin is the best step you can take when it’s the question of getting rid of unwanted signs on your face. Concealers that are too light for the skin cannot help conceal and rather, if they are applied to conceal the dark eye circles you would end up looking horrible.

I read something very important in an interview with Bobbi Brown where he stressed on the fact that people with dark skin should use concealers with orange hue whereas fair people can use ones with a yellowish hue.

You can best apply the concealer, to test its affect on the skin, on the inner part of your elbow where the blue veins show and smoothly apply it to see whether it blends beautifully into the skin or not. If you tan quite naturally then you ought to have a different colored concealer in summer than that what you’ll likely require when its winter time.

When you apply the concealer near the eyes, use it in small quantities along the nose and then on the other dark spots on the skin. You don’t have to rub the concealer in but tap it on your skin, using light/gentle movements of your fingers. The concealer should be made to blend into the skin so that it does not look that obvious.

The aim of applying a concealer is to make it appear natural. You can also dust some loose powder with a brush for the make up to set in place. When you choose a concealer do consider the color as well as the consistency. Always remember to take the concealer that is one or two shades lighter than the color of the foundation.

Bobbi Brown always suggests using lighter concealer in winter and a different shade in summers.  You can test the color at the nape of the neck or below the ear. Of course the color should not be so light that you end up looking like a raccoon when you use it around your eyes.

Use a product that you can try out before buying. Concealers are the best things that you can find in a woman’s arsenal. Some make ups look flawless due to the proper application of concealers and loose powder that help set your make up.

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