How To Apply Spray Foundation

How To Apply Spray Foundation

How To Apply Spray Foundation Spray foundation is one of latest cosmetic products and helps in getting an ultra-natural finish on face. Before applying spray foundation, hairs should be tied back so that foundation is not applied on them.

Some women also use headband or bandanna, which is generally supplied along with spray foundation. Many beauty experts feel that spray foundation should be applied after taking shower, when a person is still in towel or bath robe. This is because spray foundation is sometimes sprayed accidentally on clothes, which destroys the looks.

In some cases, depending upon the type of skin, a woman may also require to apply foundation primer before applying spray foundation. Even there are some spray foundation brands that call for the application of foundation primer first, as it offers smooth base. Women with large skin pores are also advised to apply foundation primer first.

Before applying spray foundation, a woman must not forget to shake the bottle for few minutes, as some of ingredients may settle down at the bottom. There are basically four ways in which spray foundation can be applied to face. For applying it directly onto the face, eyes are closed and bottle is held 20 centimeters away from the face. Foundation is then sprayed in a ‘Z’ pattern on the face.

This is followed by making a ‘W’ pattern on the face. This process must be done in a relaxed manner. During application, face should not be scrunched up, as it leads to creation of little lines in the makeup, which destroys the looks. Afterwards, foundation is evened out by using foundation brush or sponge. If more coverage is needed, another layer of foundation can be sprayed over face in same manner after few minutes.

Another way in which spray foundation is applied is using a sponge. Foundation is sprayed on sponge and this sponge is applied to face. Through gentle movements of sponge, foundation is blended well so that no demarcation lines are visible. For more coverage, foundation may be applied once more.

Spray foundation can also be applied by using fingers. First of all, foundation is sprayed on palm. If non-porous surface is preferred, glass Petri dish can be used. Fingers are dabbed in this foundation and applied over the face. Through gentle finger movements, foundation is spread all over the face and blended well with the skin.

Applying spray foundation bwhen touchups only are required. Spray foundation can be applied with the help of makeup brush also. For applying, foundation is sprayed on palm first. Makeup brush is dipped in foundation and is applied on face by making downward strokes. Foundation can be sprayed directly on brush also but it leads to uneven and heavy coverage.

Utmost care should be taken while applying foundation to little crevice areas of face. For example, side of nose and chin area must be brushed carefully. Many estheticians believe that spray foundation should be set with some kind of powder, as it helps in wearing foundation for longer periods.

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