How To Apply Mineral Makeup

How To Apply Mineral Makeup

How To Apply Mineral Makeup You might have probably come across a wide range of mineral makeup products over the counter. You might have probably bought some of them without any knowledge regarding the specific way of application to get the desired results.

Applying makeup on skin is not a new fad, but has been in existence for thousands of years. Women apply makeup in order to disguise skin blemishes and to look their best with beautiful and glowing skin. But recently, women are increasingly becoming conscious about the ingredients they apply on skin and therefore want only the best and safe makeup products.

Women have started opting for natural skincare lotions, creams and other beauty products that contain natural elements which are not harsh on skin. Mineral-based skincare and makeup products are chemical and preservative free and hence there is an increasing popularity for these.

What are the Benefits of Bare Mineral Makeup?

The major elements contained in mineral makeup products are natural mineral elements found in mother nature. Zinc oxide, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, and bismuth oxychloride are some of these mineral components. These mineral particles cannot clog the pores of skin and will not penetrate deep inside the skin layers.

Mineral makeup products are free from synthetic colors, preservatives or aromas, which are often present in chemical based makeup. Since mineral-based makeup products are natural, they are the best way to offer natural look to your skin. Since these products are lightweight, you will not sense a masked feel even though your face carries layers of makeup.

The skin gets better protection as the mineral makeup products contain Vitamin A and E offering healthy nourishment. Mineral foundations provide good and easy coverage over the skin without giving any blotchy appearance. It can be safely used on pimple-prone and oily skin. If you want to look natural while wearing makeup applying mineral makeup is the best option.

Tips To Apply Mineral Makeup

If you feel that applying mineral makeup is better than the traditional liquid foundation, you need to get acquainted with the ways to apply it. Getting hold of these tricks is important if you want to look natural. Step by step instructions are listed below.

Cleanse The Face

Clean your face thoroughly with your cleanser to make the facial skin dirt free and oil free. Try to use mild cleansers to ovoid over drying. Make it a habit to cleanse your face in the morning and before going to bed for healthy and beautiful skin.


Giving a well-hydrated look to your skin is very important to give a healthy glow to the skin. It also acts as a protective layer before applying makeup. Flawless makeup is possible only on a supple and well-hydrated skin. Applying mineral foundation on a very dry skin will lead to flaking and hence a very unattractive look.

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After applying lotion wait for at least on 10 minutes so that the skin will absorb the lotion well. Apply only the correct quantity of moisturizer since excessive oiliness will melt the makeup. If you find that the wetness is not absorbed properly by the skin, use a blotting paper and get rid of the excess oiliness.

Apply Mineral Makeup Foundation

Take only very little quantity of foundation since a small amount goes a long way. The basic principle behind foundation is that no one should become aware that you are wearing foundation. Only your flawless skin should get the attention.

Take a small amount of powder foundation onto the lid of mineral foundation and dip a dense kabuki brush into it. Dust off excess powder and apply it on the skin in circular motion. Start at the center of your cheeks and move outwards in a gently manner.

Choosing the right brush is very important to even get even and polished look. Thick brush is needed to get the fine airbrushed finish. There is no need to put a face powder upon the foundation. If you are applying liquid mineral foundation apply it with a sponge. Apply loose mineral powder to keep foundation in place.

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