How To Apply Makeup To Seniors

How To Apply Makeup To Seniors

How To Apply Makeup To Seniors Skin type of seniors is quite different from skin type of younger people and thus, same makeup styles cannot be used on these people. In fact, applying makeupon seniors is a very tricky act.

This does not mean that a person has to be quite experienced for applying makeup on seniors. By using certain tools and makeup techniques, makeup can be applied to seniors in an easy manner. In most of cases, all that is needed for applying makeup to elderly people is adjustment in normal makeup routines.

How to Apply Makeup to Seniors

For applying makeup to seniors, some of basic requirements are creamy foundation, extra rich moisturizer, cream blush, lip pencil, lip stick, eye brow powder and eye brow brush. Makeup is started by cleansing the skin. For this purpose, mild cleanser should be used. Soaps should be avoided as these remove moisturizer from skin.

After cleansing, face is dried by using a soft towel. Afterwards, creamy moisturizer is applied on face for moisturizing the skin. After applying moisturizer, no makeup product should be applied for five to ten minutes. This helps in making the skin look plumper. Next step of applying makeup to seniors is application of creamy foundation.

Foundation is applied by dotting nickel sized amount on the face with index finger. Foundation is applied to cheeks, nose, chine and forehead. Excessive quantities of foundation must be avoided as it makes the face look unnatural. Similarly, powder and liquid foundations should not be applied to seniors as these get sunk into the lines of face and provide older looks.

Small dot of foundation should be applied under each eye at the inner corner for hiding under-eye circles. It is always blended outward. Foundation must be rubbed gently on the face. After application of foundation is over, cream blush is applied to face. Shades of cream blush normally applied to seniors are pink, rosy brown and peach.

Three small dots of blush are applied at cheeks. These dots are applied between the plumpest part of cheeks and the cheekbone. Cream blush is blended gently with the fingers until edges of blush blends completely with the face. Eyes are considered as one of most beautiful and attractive parts of face. Eyebrows frame eyes and enhance the looks of face.

One of major problems that arise while applying makeup to seniors is that they do not have properly defined eyebrows. In most of cases, eye brows of women over 60 years of age become almost invisible. For framing the eyes, brow powder is generally used on seniors. It is applied by using a brow brush. Shade of eyebrow powder is chosen on the basis of hair color and it is mostly light in color. Strokes are made in upward direction until eyebrows become redefined.

Afterwards, lip color is applied for brightening the face. Before applying lipstick, lip pencil of nude shade is applied. This helps in checking the lipstick from spreading into the lines around the mouth. Though lipsticks of bright colors are generally used on seniors, harsh shades like reddish brown are never applied. Some of shades usually applied are bright pink, pale rose and coral. For best results, creamy lipsticks should be used.

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