How To Apply Makeup To A Round Shaped Face

How To Apply Makeup To A Round Shaped Face

How To Apply Makeup To A Round Shaped Face Different types of faces normally found are square, round, pear heart, oblong, diamond and oval. Oval shape of face is considered as the best. If a woman does not have oval face, it does not mean that she cannot improve her looks.

By applying makeup correctly, shape of face can be made to look like desired one. For example, women with round face can make their face look oval by applying makeup. Makeup styles differ greatly from one type of face shape to another.

How to Apply Makeup to a Round Shaped Face for Improving Looks

For slenderizing looks of round face, makeup products required are facial cleanser, water, some sponges and tissues, liquid foundation as per skin color or tone, liquid foundation darker than skin color, blush, face powder and soft powder brush. First of all, round face is prepared for applying makeup.

This is done by cleansing face with a facial cleanser. Soaps should be avoided as these remove moisture from skin. Mild soaps can be applied but certain skin types may react to them. pH balanced cleansers and toners are considered as best for preparing face for makeup. After cleansing, face is pat dried with a towel. A sponge is dipped into water and is squeezed for removing as much water as possible.

Sponge may be squeezed two to three times. Afterwards, it is blotted with a tissue so that remaining water is also absorbed and removed. Liquid foundation matching with the tone and color is skin is then applied to face with the help of sponge prepared. By rubbing it gently over face, foundation is blended well into the skin so that no demarcation is visible. Afterwards, another sponge is dipped into water and is squeezed to the maximum for removing water and excess moisture.

It is also blotted with tissue for removing remaining water. Darker liquid foundation is then applied to hollows of cheeks with this sponge. Generally, liquid foundation that is minimum two shades darker than skin color is used. Excessive quantities of darker foundation should be avoided, as it can spoil the looks. It should not be applied to any other part of face.

Application of darker foundation on hollows of cheeks provides slimmer looks to face. This foundation must be blended well with rest of face by rubbing the sponge gently so that no demarcation is visible. Applying darker foundation is considered as most important step of getting oval looking face from a round shaped face and thus, it is good if help of a professional is sought.

If it is done without the help of professional, in first two or three applications, face may not look perfectly oval but when it is applied regularly, expertise is gained.  Afterwards, blush is applied to the area of cheeks that lies below the bottom of nose.

For this purpose, an imaginary line may be drawn on face at the bottom of nose. Blush must not be applied further than the outer corner of eyes. Similarly, its application should not go beyond the center of eyes.
As a last step, translucent powder is applied to entire face by means of a soft powder brush. While applying powder, upward and outward strokes should be made.

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