How To Apply Makeup In Just 5 Minutes

How To Apply Makeup In Just 5 Minutes

How To Apply Makeup In Just 5 Minutes Makeup helps in hiding different types of skin imperfections and in making face look beautiful and attractive. Different types of makeup products are used for enhancing looks. For example, foundation, eye brow pencil, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush, lip gloss, lip pencil and lip stick are some of the commonest makeup products used by women for looking beautiful.

Applying these products takes time. Also, face has to be prepared for application of these products. On certain occasions, a woman may not have sufficient time to apply makeup products patiently. For example, a woman may be required to step out of home in five minutes to attend an event. In such cases, either a woman has to leave certain makeup products or she has to apply them speedily. There are certain steps that help in applying makeup in just 5 minutes and in looking beautiful.

How to Apply Makeup in Just 5 Minutes

For applying makeup in just 5 minutes, it is very essential that a woman knows the fastest order of application of different types of products. This helps in cutting extra time a lot. It is very necessary to economize movements so that makeup is applied in shortest possible time period. First of all, face should be moisturized quickly. Since there is no time to wait for the moisturizer to settle, little quantity of moisturizer should be applied. Afterwards, foundation is applied. Foundation must be applied with a brush as it saves time in applying and blending. It has been noticed that many women use sponge for applying and blending foundation. For saving time, sponge must be replaced with brush as brisk strokes can be made with latter. It also does not leave any application mark.

After application of foundation is over, blush is applied. Rather than using cream or liquid blush, powder blush should be applied. Powder is easier to apply and sets on skin in a fast manner. Blush can be applied with the help of fingers or brush.

As far as eye makeup is concerned, eye shadow should be used for highlighting eyes. However, use of different hues of a shade should be avoided as it needs time. Rather, a single shade of eye shadow as per skin tone should be used. For making eyes look more prominent, eyeliner should be applied. While applying eyeliner, outer corners of eyes should be given preference. After eyeliner, mascara is applied. Brush containing mascara should be dabbed two to three times to avoid smearing excessive quantities.This brush is applied to upper and lower eye lashes.

Since eyebrows are considered as frame of eyes, eye brow pencil must be used for highlighting these. Thick eyebrow pencil helps in faster application. If a woman has highlighted eyebrows, there is no need of highlighting lips. However, if lips have to be highlighted, lip color should be applied to lips with the help of lip brush. Lip brush ensures faster and even application of lip color. As a last part of makeup, suitable powder is applied to nose.

For saving maximum time, it is necessary that all above makeup products are arranged in right order on the dressing table.

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