How To Apply Make Up With Advance In Years

Most women wear makeup for three reasons. Firstly, makeup products with adequate SPF help to keep the skin safe from harmful ultraviolet rays. Secondly, makeup covers our problem areas and even distracts the attention by highlighting our other features.

Thirdly, makeup improves our facial features. Whatever be the reason for using makeup, we should remember to keep it as natural as possible and one that’s suitable for our age.

The following guide can help a woman decide on her makeup that matches her age:

Teenagers (15-19). Use cosmetic products that enhance your youthful features rather than hiding it. However, be careful against using something that causes acne.

Use a sheer foundation that’s water-based and oil-free. Use a natural looking eye shadow and apply a slight touch of the mascara for a natural look. Use a gel blush for your blush on if you want a natural shine. For oily skin, it’s preferable to apply a powder blush. Use a light colored lipstick or lip gloss.

Twenties (20-29). Your makeup should accentuate your blooming womanhood. So, use a light foundation makeup and select the colors that match your eyes’ natural color and your skin tone. While going to work, wear light makeup while brighter colors can be used for an evening party or a date.

Thirties (30-39). As the early symbols of aging like fine lines and crows’ feet start to appear, you should go for lighter shades. Use a foundation that’s a little heavy but select muted colors for your blushers. Don’t use frosted makeup or the fine lines and wrinkles will be noticed easily.

Forties (40-49). As the symptoms of aging are more evident now, wear makeup that’s not harsh to your skin. For dry skin, use an oil-based foundation and apply a light coat over the facial wrinkles, if any. To cover the dark circles and dark spots, apply generous amount of concealer creams. Don’t use eye shadow that’s metallic or frosted, particularly when your eyes are puffy. Select light shades for your cheeks.

Fifties and above (50+). It is time to accept your age and start growing old gracefully. So, avoid matte-based cosmetic products. Stay away from frosty, metallic or shiny eye shadows as they will draw attention to the wrinkles and puffiness. Wear light colored lipstick and stay away from red or blue colors.

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