How To Apply Hair Texturizer

How To Apply Hair Texturizer

How To Apply Hair Texturizer Hair texturizer is a creamy formulation applied generally to kinky and curly hairs for relaxing them. Hair texturizes often contain sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide. When applied to hairs for a short period of time, it relaxes natural curls and makes the hairs more manageable.

Many women, who got frustrated with their curls, go for hair these so that they can style and manage them easily. It is to be understood that kinky and curly hairs are usually ovoid in shape and thus, making new styles with them is bit difficult. Such hairs also contain disulfide bonds, which increases the problems further.

Hydroxide ions present in hair texturizer breaks the bonding between sulfur atoms and as a result, the texture and shape of hair changes. It becomes straight and manageable. On the basis of functioning, it can be said that hair texturizer and hair relaxers are basically same, as both straighten the curly and kinky hairs. However, the difference between the two lies in the time period for which these are left on hairs.

While hair relaxers are left for a period up to twenty minutes, hair texturizer is generally left on hair for five to eight minutes only. The actual time period for which these chemical preparations are left on hairs depends upon the texture of hairs. If curls are not severe, mild preparations can be used. Mild hair texturizers have less concentration of hydroxide ions and thus, breaking down of disulfide bonds is slowed down.

Applying Hair Texturizers

Since hair texturizer cannot be left on hairs for longer durations, it is very important that quick moves are made while applying these. Best results are obtained when it is applied on cleaned hairs. So, it is better if hairs are shampooed and dried before applying these. It is always recommended that after the process is over, hairs must be trimmed. This provides a fresher and longer looks to hairs.

If hair texturizer is being applied to hairs for the first time, all the hairs have to be treated. However, if hair texturizer has been applied earlier, only touching up requires and thus, it should be applied to new growth of hairs only. For applying hair texturizer, hairs are first divided into four sections. Texturizer is the applied to all the hairs in the four sections.

Applying Hair Texturizers

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In each section, application should start with most coarse hairs so that they are perfectly covered. For promoting the natural wave of hairs, a comb can also be used. Most of hair stylists do this. Using a comb also helps in over-straightening of hairs. Hair texturizer is left on hair for a maximum duration of eight minutes. Hairs are then rinsed with water. After rinsing, they are washed with a neutralizing shampoo.

One aspect that must be understood here is that until hairs are treated with neutralizing shampoo, texturizer keeps on working. Neutralizing shampoo stops it from working by reacting with hydroxide ions. Due to this reaction, a blue or pink lather is formed, which hints that texturizer is still present in hairs. Thus, hairs should be washed with shampoo again so that a white lather is formed.

After washing the hairs, an alcohol free c is applied to hairs for improving the texture. This condition should be used liberally so that hairs get perfect finish. After applying deep conditioner to hairs, a plastic shower cap should be worn and head is placed under a warm hair dryer for half an hour. While applying hair texturizer, scalp must be protected at all costs. This is because it can cause chemical burns and if same becomes severe, many types of disorders can occur.

Some Important Issues

There are some important issues related to hair texturizer that must be understood. First of all, textruizers should be considered as a milder version of hair relaxer. Thus, it can cause all the harms that are caused by hair relaxers. More manipulation is possible in case of hair texturizer because natural curls are loosened without straightening the hairs completely.

Thus, it is best for those people who wish to have natural curls with a looser patter. If perfectly straightened hairs are required, texturizer may not be used. Similarly, for very long hairs, these are not recommended. These work well on short to medium length hairs only. Also, applying these on long hairs requires more time.

Though hair texturizer relaxes the curls, it interferes with structure of cysteine, an amino acid contained in the protein keratin. Disulfide bond that is broken by hydroxide ions is contained in cysteine only. Frequent use of texturizer may bring about a permanent change in the structure of this amino acid. Since application of hair texturizer is a chemical process, hairs can start become weak due to regular applications.

Thus, it is very necessary that close attention is paid to treated hairs. After treatment, hairs must be combed gently. It is better if a good quality soft hair brush is used. Hairs must be kept hydrated and moisturized so that they do not become brittle. For this, a good quality topical moisturizer should be applied. It is also desired that lots of fluids are drunk so that moisture level of hairs is maintained. In some cases, it can burn and damage skin and scalp. This happens as instructions for use are not followed properly.

If texturizer is being used for the first time, it is essential that a hair strand test is carried out. This helps in determining the processing time. If a person has a sensitive skin, he must think twice before using it. Even if it has to be used, a base should be used. For example, a petroleum jelly can be applied to scalp and the area around the hairs. This prevents skin damage from occurring in the process. In no condition, hair texturizer should be used over eyebrows or eyelashes, as it can cause severe damage to eyes.

If it enters eyes due to any reason, these must be washed with clear water five to ten times. For avoiding contact with the chemicals contained in it, a plastic glove should be used. Health care provider must be contacted if burns or rashes are developed after the treatment. People who use to dye or color their hair must understand that damaging effect of these is increased greatly due to application of hair texturizer or relaxer.