How to Apply Eye Shadow

All of us love eye shadows because of its ability to impart such a glamorous look even to a very simple face. An eye shadow shimmer can transform you from a girl next door to a diva. 

But the same eye shadow that can do wonders to your look can also end up making you a clown if not applied in the right manner. There are certain very important dos and don’ts that you must know about before decorating your eyes with your favorite color. So let’s learn the right ways of applying an eye shadow to give you a look you desire:

You apply three different colors on the eye: the light base color that covers the whole eyelid till the brow bone, the main color for the lids and the highlighter for the crease. All the three colors should blend like those of a rainbow.

To ensure perfect blending, start with the lightest color and then go darker. Take care to use small quantity of color at a time because remember that it’s easy to add color then remove it.

If you thought that you could go for only those eye shadows that matched the color of your eye balls, you are mistaken. Although matching eye-shadows do highlight your eyes, contrasting colors like blues and violets on brown eyes can give you a gorgeous look.

Shimmer can give your eyes an amazing look but at the same time it highlights wrinkles. If you don’t care about the wrinkles on your eye lids or your eye lids have no wrinkles, you can very well go about it.

Do not apply eyeliner and color very close to the tear duct.  It will make your eyes look very tiny. Instead, applying a white eye shadow in the tear duct can make your eyes look wide and very bright.

If you are going for very bright lipstick like crimson red or shimmery violet that can grab attention, go light on the eye makeup. On the contrary, if the eye make-up is dark, go for nude lips with only gloss or if you must use color, keep it very light.

neha madan