How To Apply Children’s Makeup

How To Apply Children’s Makeup

How To Apply Children’s Makeup Children like to participate in many types of events. For example, they participate in fancy dress competitions, concerts, dance classes or shows, and similar other activities. Like their mothers, children also wish to apply makeup for looking cute and attractive.

There is no harm in applying makeup to children but it should be ensured that children do not make it a practice and makeup products applied are harmless. Applying children’s makeup is altogether different from applying makeup to adults. Since skin of children is far better than skin of adults, some makeup products are not required to be applied.

How To Apply Children’s Makeup For Making Them Look Cute

There are some tips that should be followed while applying children’s makeup. First of all, regular makeup products should not be used. Rather, silicone and water based products should be used. This is because these products are gentle and do not affect skin adversely.

Makeup products that contain the term ‘hypoallergenic’ should be used. Hypoallergenic makeup products do not contain any fragrance. They contain little quantities of coloring agents, which do not cause irritation of skin. If hypoallergenic products are not found, mineral makeup products are other option. Mineral makeup products are generally anti-inflammatory and do not contain any type of harmful ingredients.

Makeup should be started by applying powder base. Light powder should be brushed all over the face for creating an oil absorbent layer. It should be followed by application of neutral or pale shade blusher. Since children use to rub their eyes very often, extreme care should be taken while applying eyeliner. Only smudge-proof or water-proof eyeliners should be used. If it is possible to avoid eyeliner, it must be avoided.

While preparing little girls

While preparing little girls, mothers and beauticians like to color lips, as it provides great looks to them. Tinted lip balms are considered as the best for applying on the lips of children. These balms contain hint of color and also keeps lips of children moisturized. Many types of fruity and tinted lip balms are found in market, which are liked by children very much. It has been seen that some mothers apply their lipsticks and lip pencils on children’s lips.

This is not a good practice, as children’s lips are quite tender and chemicals contained in lipsticks harms them considerably. Flaky lips are often reported due to use of regular lipsticks on children’s lips. Mothers or little girls also like to apply nail paint on nails of hands and feet, as this enhances their beauty greatly.

Like lips, nails of children are also tender and thus, they may not withstand the chemical contained in regular nail paints. Rather, washable nail paints should be applied. These nail paints do not contain chemicals as are contained in regular nail paints. Since a child can ingest nail paint while eating, regular nail paint can do much harm to them.

In case of applying makeup to children, it is said that little is better than more. In other words, only minimal makeup should be applied to children. Even if makeup is to be applied, it is good if soft colors are chosen for blush, nail paint, and lip balm. For example, pink, beige and peach are some of soft colors that look good on children.