How To Apply Blush To The Face

How To Apply Blush To The Face

How To Apply Blush To The Face Have you ever wondered how the high profile models and celebrities have those perfectly chiseled cheekbones? Well, the key to a beautifully contoured face and high cheekbones is not just a prominent bone structure but also how well you use the blusher.

Unfortunately many women tend to avoid this makeup tool which can easily add radiance and glow to your face in a matter of minutes. This is because using a blush can be tricky and most women tend to overuse it making them look like a clown.

The key to using blush perfectly is choosing the right tools and being patient. With a bit of practice and simple instructions you can soon learn the art of using the blush perfectly. Here are the step by step instructions on how to apply blush to the face.

Choosing The Blush

Before you can start using it, it is important to familiarize yourself about the types of blush available in the market. Available in a range of formulations and colors, you can choose from a wide array of products available in the market.

Basically there are three types of blush available which includes powder blushes, cream and liquid blush. Usually powder blushes are the most popular and are perfect for people with oily and combination skin. Women with dry skin should use cream blushes which are easier to apply and contain moisturizers that will not dry out the skin. In addition to this you can also opt for a gel or liquid blush.

Apart from the formulation, it is also essential to pick the right shade of blush for your cheeks. A color that is close to your natural flush is the ideal choice for you. If you do not know how to check this, then pinch your cheeks slightly and check the color that your skin turns to. Other than this you also need to choose the blush color based on the time of the day that you are applying the makeup along with the occasion.

For day time makeup it is best to stick to light colors like peach, coral, tan, light brown and pink while evening makeup for parties require blushes with dramatic, dark tones. Most cosmetic companies have blush palettes which offer a wide range of color options that can be used for different occasions.

Along with the blush, you will also need a good brush for applying the blush. Most brushes that come with the blush palettes are too small and compact for proper application. It is thus a good idea to invest in a good medium sized round blush brush which has soft, natural fibers that do not irritate your skin.

Do not use the powder brush for applying the blush. Along with a blush brush, you will need a buffing brush to erase any mistakes. Remember to clean your brushes regularly so that they are free of any bacteria that might accumulate on the skin. You can use gentle baby wipes to clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis.

Applying Blush on the Face- Using a Powder Blush

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The correct technique for application of the blush can be a bit tricky. Most people tend to overuse the blush. The trick to proper application of the blush is to use the right amount of blush and applying it on the right spot. Before using the blush, apply the moisturizer, foundation, face powder and eye makeup. Allow the makeup to stay on for some time before using the blush.

Now take the blush brush and gently swirl it in the blush compact so that the bristles are evenly coated with the blush. Now on a tissue paper, tap the brush two to three times to remove the excess. Look into the mirror and smile broadly so that the apples of your cheeks pop out. Tap the brush on the apple of your cheeks and move from the roundest portion of the cheeks to the temple.

Use the brush to blend the color on your cheeks from the apple of the cheeks to the temple in a long sweeping motion. If you feel that the color is too bright, then use a buffing brush to soften the color or apply some loose powder on top to diffuse the color slightly.

For a dramatic look, contour the hollow of your cheeks with a dark shade of blush or even some bronzing powder. Start applying the blush from the ear and follow the curve of your cheekbones as you seamlessly blend the color in upward and downward motion. Additionally you can highlight your features by applying a light iridescent cream highlighter on top of the cheekbones.

Applying Blush on the Face- Using Cream or Liquid Blush

While powder blushes are the most popular, cream blushes too are being increasingly used especially by people with dry skin. It contains moisturizing properties suitable for people with dry skin tone. The technique for applying cream blush on face is different. Apply the foundation and powder as usual.

Now use your fingers or a long stippling brush to dab two to three dots of the blush on your cheeks. Use your fingers to blend the blush from the apple of your cheeks out to the ears. Using your fingers helps in heating the cream blush slightly and makes the application easier. To blot out the excess color use a tissue or dab on some loose. Make sure that you wash your hands before using the blush. If you have oily skin then avoid the use of creamy blushes as they can make your skin look too shiny.

Some people also tend to use liquid blush or cheek stains for adding glow to their face. However these formulations need to be blended quickly after applying as they tend to dry up quickly. Using a blush for the first time can be confusing and you are bound to make a few mistakes. However with these simple steps, you can soon apply blush and create the perfect look in just a matter of a few minutes

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