How To Apply Barbie Doll Makeup

How To Apply Barbie Doll Makeup

How To Apply Barbie Doll Makeup One of most favorite dolls that girls used to play with is Barbie. In fact, baby girls are crazy about this doll, as it is beautiful and stylish. Her body is proportionate and her hairs are gorgeous. In present times also, Barbie is considered as a symbol of femininity.

Many women, who are inspired by Barbie greatly, wish to look like her and thus, apply makeup that provides them such a look. Such a makeup is called as Barbie doll makeup. This makeup is very sensual and feminine. Hair style and other fashion accessories used in this makeup definitely make a woman look cute and sexy.

Men are easily attracted towards such women as Barbie doll makeup is quite visible and distinguishes a woman from other women easily. Colors used in this type of make are soft and warm generally. However, some women also go for bright colors. Makeup up can be matte or shimmer, depending upon the preference of a woman.

Softer looks are obtained by using restricted amount of makeup whereas bolder Barbie doll looks require substantial amount of makeup products. Commonest colors used in Barbie doll makeup are hot pink, baby pink, blue, green, lavender and taupe. Since Barbie doll has always spread warmth and fun, it is better if warm and pastel colors are used for makeup.

How to Apply Barbie Doll Makeup

For applying Barbie doll makeup, requirements include foundation of good quality, makeup primer, eye makeup primer, eyebrow pencil, different types of eye shadows and blender brush, eyelash curler, mascara, liquid eyeliner, fake eyelashes, blush, makeup sponge, lip liner, lip gloss and highlighter. First of all, foundation is applied on the face. Foundation used must match with the skin tone.

The coverage must be excellent so that complexion look even and flawless. If there are any blemishes or scars on the face, these must be hidden properly with foundation or concealer. Makeup primer can also be used for preparing a perfect base. Many women use extra-staying powder so that makeup does not become fade after some time. For perfect Barbie doll makeup, it is necessary that all sorts of wrinkles and fine lines on face are disguised.

Barbie Doll Makeup

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Eyebrows of Barbie doll have always been appreciated due to their shape. Thus, it must be ensured that eyebrows have been trimmed and shaped perfectly before putting on eye makeup. There must not be any scraggly or stray hairs in the eyebrow, as these spoil the looks. If there is any sparseness between the hairs of eyebrow, it must be disguised by using eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. Barbie doll has always well defined eyebrows.

Thus, if a woman is light-haired, her eyebrows must look darker than hairs on her head. Otherwise, eyebrow may not be noticed clearly. In the same way, if a woman is dark-haired, her eyebrows must be lighter than hairs on head. Thus, hairs on head and eyebrows must be of contrasting colors. The arches of eyebrows must be highly pronounced.

Next step of eye makeup is application of eye shadow. A good quality eye shadow base or eye primer should be used. Afterwards, densely pigmented candy-pastel hue is applied from eye-lash line to eye crease. This must be done perfectly. For providing contrast to eyes and for defining them better, darker version of color is used over the eye crease. In a nutshell, it can be said that base color and crease color must be contrasting.

For example, if a woman has used sweet lavender as the base color, she must apply violet or some other dark color on the eye crease. For highlighting eyebrow bones, heavily pigmented pink-gold shimmer should be used. If edges of bones are hard, these should be blended with the help of eye-shadow blending brush. Eyelashes of Barbie doll are always curly and attractive. Thus, eyelashes must be curled perfectly while applying Barbie doll makeup.

For making them attractive, thickening and lengthening black colored mascara should be used. If eye lashes are not long enough to get curled perfectly, fake eyelashes can also be used. Eyelash clusters are also used generally for defining upper eye lashes. Barbie doll makeup inevitably requires eyeliner application. Generally, liquid matte finish eyeliner is used that goes well with the eye shadow color.

For example, if base color chosen is lavender and if eye crease has been colored with violet, navy matte eyeliner would be the best to apply. In some cases, a woman may get confused regarding color of matte eyeliner. In such conditions, classic black eyeliner should be used. For making false and real eyelash lines appear as single, a thick and steady line should be drawn on the upper eyelid.

At the ends, edges should be drawn out so as to provide an attractive and dramatic look. This also makes eyes look ‘open up’ like Barbie doll. Pink blush is normally used in Barbie doll makeup that goes well with eye makeup and makes cheeks look shining. Murkier blushes must be avoided, as it destroys the look. Colors with pink tone are considered as more alive and vivid.

Similarly, dull and heavy pink tones must be avoided. Pink is considered as signature color of Barbie doll and thus, must be reflected in the makeup. Edges in the blush must be faded with the help of makeup sponge. It should be tried to make cheeks looks pink as well as natural. For enhancing the lips, heavily pigmented lip pencil should be used. Lips should be lined over the natural lip lining so that these appear pink and vivid.

If a woman has Cupid’s bow, t must be emphasized. If she does not have same, it may be drawn. Lips should be filled with matching lipstick. The lipstick must be very reflective and highly pigmented. The color must go well with rest of makeup. If needed, a lighter shade of lipstick can also be used.

For making lips shine perfectly, lip gloss can be dabbed over lipstick. As a finishing touch, a translucent highlighter is applied below the nose bridge. Highlighter is also applied in the center of forehead and chin so that complexion similar to Barbie doll is obtained.

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