How To Apply A 1950’s Pinup Beauty Mark

How To Apply A 1950's Pinup Beauty Mark

How To Apply A 1950's Pinup Beauty Mark The 1950s were perhaps the most glam days of fashion. This age saw the start of a new era in fashion. The glam queens of all ages made their entry on stage during this period and although they are still not living, they have not made their exits.

The glam divas of the 50s are forever. Vera Ellen and Marilyn Monroe would be the fashion icons to the people of all ages. Apart from the red lips, what stands out in this pin up style is the beauty mark. The ‘beauty mark’ means a mole, not anywhere, but around the special features of your face like the eyes, the cheek bones or around the lips

First, do your makeup as you would. This means start with a full coverage foundation should be blended in properly. Keep your eye makeup neutral. Then do the brows. Perfect rounds but long eye brows thick at the inner sides and gradually thin on the outer is the key to this.

Fill in the brows with a deep brown but not a black eye brows powder in order to avoid the harsh look. Line your eyes with black eyeliner. You must line the upper lash line only and it should be a winged line in order to make it seductive. Since the eyes are almost nude looking, follow up with plenty of mascara and fake lashes.

Do your lips with a suitable color of red. The modern take would be to wear a lip color that has hints of red in it. Now comes the most important part which is the beauty mark. You might wonder if you can do this with your regular black liner. But the answer is ‘No’. E regular liquid liner might look powdery when it dries and can even flake off.

You can go for a liquid effect smudge-proof pencil liner. Mark, if you use this, the tip should be sharp for precise application. But the best option would be to use a felt tip liner. It would make it look very natural. But whatever you choose, it must be water-proof and smudge-proof so that it does not come off with oil from your skin if you have naturally oily skin, or melt down with sweat.

If you want the mark around your eyes, there would be two options which are, either on the upper section or on the lower section. For the upper section, turn your face in a sideway direction. Then, tilt your face downwards. There is an imaginary line that goes through your pupil and the arch of your brows. In the middle of this line, tight under your brow bone, gently draw the mark.

To get this under the eyes, tilt the head upwards and then, in the imaginary line from your eyebrow arch through the pupil and its extension on the cheekbones, draw a mole right on top of the cheekbone.For a mark around the lips, you can put it anywhere around this area and you are done. You have the Dita Von Tesse glamour to flaunt

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