How To Apply 1980s Makeup

How To Apply 1980s Makeup

How To Apply 1980s Makeup Like movements in literature, fashion also comes back in cycles. In fact there is no wonder that fashionistas are often harking back to the older decades to turn heads. The 80’s were of the rock n roll.This entire period was marked by bright colors. This was not co-incidental.

Rock n roll was all about breaking rules  which encompassed music and all arts. It was basically a time of cultural movement where the chief idea was to shock people. What more than make up can grab the attention? This era ditched all the conventions . Hence they also discarded the pin up looks and the vintage fashion. Everything the previous generation adored.

Remember the Abba? Madonna of ‘papa don’t preach’ or Tina Turner? The messy shags and bright make ups you think you can never wear? Yes, this look is not for the faint hearted and can be worn only if you have that oomph!  So, if you are really bored of all the conventional nude lips and heavy eye or heavy eyes or nude lips, this might be time you would want to hark back to this age and tell the world you are not the woman to be guided by rules. Doing the essential look is not too difficult.

Start by your regular  Cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. Then put on a foundation to even out your skin tone. Next, remember both eyes and lips and the cheeks should be loud. But in our modern take, we would try making it more wearable. Start your eyes by swooshing on a pink shadow on the entire eye-lid. It should be a medium pink, not baby pink.

Next, put on some orange shadow on your crease and finally some back shadow in your outer ’V’. Take a fluffy brush and blend the seams of the shadows. Try lifting the black shadow in the outer corner towards the temples to achieve the feline look. Now, take a soft pencil liner and rub it on your upper and lower lash line. Take a smudger and smudge to make it look soft. Go over with the liner to make the liner richer .Since eyes are one of the chief attractions, put on tons of mascara. If you are comfortable with falsies, grab a pair and carefully put them on.

Now, for your lips, choose are fuchsia. Line your lips with a lipliner pencil and then, fill it in. Put on your fuchsia lipstick with a lipbrush for precise application. Keep it in mind, if you are working with bright colors, mistakes would be more noticeable. Now put on a gloss on top. Remember Madonna?

Now take a bright colored blusher. For your cheeks you can keep it low if you are not entirely comfortable with the idea of loud screaming makeup, go for baby pinks or tan colors.  Now you are ready to rock the party!!! Beware, since this is not for the faint hearted, do not wear this on ordinary occasions. You can wear this look to theme parties or on dress up occasions, else be prepared to be asked if Halloween is coming soon.



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