How Teens Can Make Their Own Unique Style Statement

bl Teenage is the prime time of life, and that’s one time when you really have an edge over the others in terms of fashion. You can pretty well sport any style with effortless ease, under do it or overdo it, and still you’ll never look ridiculous. It is one phase of life in which you can experiment with fashion to craft your unique self expression. Read on and find out how you can pull off present day fashion trends and made them your own.

What to shop for?

Without getting intimidated, just put your hands on to whatever seems latest and attractive. Ruffles, embellishments and bright colors are some great options to keep up the youthful charm in teenagers. Skirts and tops with ruffles, glitter tops, dresses with bejeweled necklines make for some great pickups for the teenagers. You can go real short with your skirt lengths, as long as they stay within the confines of decency. Skinny jeans trends and trousers, with tight fitting tops and flat shoes make for a great everyday dress code. What you must avoid are ill-fitting clothes, especially the baggy ones.

The perfect wardrobe

All you need is a little bit of creativity and you can use most of the easily available styles to your advantage. You need not spend like crazy on getting designer stuff, because you know you’re growing and whatever you may buy today may run out of size in the next few months. So pick on some regular stuff and give it the desired effect on your own, to not only save money but also to create a unique style of your own.

Jeans with worn out effect are usually expensive, but you can give your regular jeans a good worn out effect using sandpaper. To deck up your tee shirts or tops, use some fabric colors or transfer print sheets. If you know sewing, well and good, or else take your regular clothing  to a tailor, and get some minor alterations done so as to perk up their appeal. You can cut your jeans to make a Capri or cut out the sleeves to get a sleeveless top. All you need is to tickle your brain and you’ll be surrounded with lots and lots of ideas to make your unique wardrobe collection.

Sidharth Thakur