How Sedentary Lifestyle Can Hasten The Process of Aging

I never could guess that age catches up fast with the couch potato. This has been found out by the UK researchers. I was quite amazed to look at the effects of sedentary lifestyle on a person’s face on a website on beauty. It showed how a person without proper movement would look in 10, 20 or 30 years from now and I shuddered to see them.

It was sickening and terrifying. The face muscles benefited from thirty minutes or more of exercise. Without exercise there was a weight gain and that brought an effect to the face. They had to say that an active lifestyle would bring back a look of health and youngness to the face.

It is actually the loss of circulation to the face that makes the face look old.The area around the eyes age fast and also the neck and the jowl catch signs of age. The forehead also catches fast on the wrinkles. The skin tends to lose out on the elasticity and the lines form in these areas.

Fine lines called the crow’s feet develop in and around the eyes. It could do tons of damage to the face and the outcome is really scary to look at. When we are young, we are quite unaware of what we might look like in the coming twenty years.

Of course we need the motivation to keep active. If you love spending an arm and a leg on your clothes or your shoes or make up, you might as well invest some time and energy on being and staying active all the while.

Lots of water and jogging or brisk walking can do a world of good to your face. Aging happens naturally but to some without activity it comes on faster.We tend to develop sagging skin, wrinkles, age spots and face lines and these show up on the face. Washing the face with clean water helps and the process can be done several times during the day.

Activity and exercise are a lot helpful than age reversal creams. And they would save you a lot on the laser resurfacing, face lifts and cosmetic surgery. The collagen and the elastin in the skin can be kept intact with the necessary exercises and walking.

You can surely avoid the use of creams that contain alcohol, petrolatum and parabens. Instead a healthy active life would help to form the best production of collagen in your body and the natural production of collagen help to keep the face very young and fresh.

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