How Red Wine Improves Your Heart Health

You may have heard that red wine is recommended for good heart health, but do you really know how red wine benefits your heart? All types of grapes, both red and white, contain a chemical compound called resveratrol, and this is the compound that makes wine a heart healthy drink. Resveratrol is generated in plants whenever they experience stress or damage. This compound helps the plant to fight that stress or damage, and what resveratrol does in our body is something similar.

Benefits for your heart
Resveratrol is a good fix for problems like hypertension and high cholesterol. Resveratrol acts as a blood thinner, thus cutting down your chances of getting a heart attack or a brain stroke. Also it is believed to help in lowering the triglyceride levels and in elevating the HDL levels. No wonder, the French, who are regular wine drinkers face the least heart problems. France is one nation that reports the least number of heart patients despite their food being rich in saturated fats and their heart damaging lifestyle.

The other health benefits
Apart from the fact that red wine, containing resveratrol, is beneficial for your heart, it is also believed to be healthy in some other ways. Resveratrol also has anti-inflammatory properties, which ensures you face less tissue irritation and that your organs stay in good health. It also helps in boosting the immunity system and making your body more resistant to common allergies and infections.

How to get more resveratrol in to your daily diet
If you’re not into drinking then you certainly don’t need to get started with wine, just to receive your daily dose of resveratrol, because there are several other grape products like grape juice and grape preserve that can act as a source of resveratrol. There are also specially synthesized concentrated supplements, which are available at most health stores.

Alternatively, you can look at some other fruits and fruit products to get this antioxidant. Cranberries and blueberries also contain a good amount of resveratrol.

For those who would love to have wine, the only advice is to have darker wines, since the light wines like white and rose don’t contain as good an amount of resveratrol as the red ones.

Sidharth Thakur