How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

A woman’s obsession with her crowning glory is somewhat legendary. Every woman wants to take real good care of her mane – to see it grow and shine with health. Hence, every minor detail needs to be paid attention to, even such things as the basic ritual of washing your hair.

A common hair-care concern, that many women face, is how often they should wash their hair. Many women just can’t beat the temptation to wash their hair daily, while some prefer to make it a weekly affair.

Before deciding on the frequency of washing your hair, you need to understand some of the basic facts about the hair and scalp.

The scalp naturally secretes some oil which keeps the moisture-balance intact in our hair. Excessive washing strips away this healthy protective oil covering from your scalp as well as the hair, thus leaving your hair dry and vulnerable.

However, as the type of hair differs from woman to woman, like normal hair, oily hair and dry hair, you should first get to know what your hair type is and then decide on how often to wash your hair, accordingly.

For normal hair – these women are the luckiest of the lot as their hair type is the most low maintenance one. Women with normal hair need not wash their hair daily.

Twice or thrice weekly is good enough. In case you want to wash daily, make sure you invest in a good conditioner in order to keep the moisture in your hair intact.

For dry hair – for the ones with dry hair, washing your hair daily could make all those frizzy hair nightmares come true. The scalp is already dry and stripping it off of the remaining natural oil is a bad idea. Your hair could become extremely rough and unmanageable.

Hence it is advisable to wash hair twice weekly or at the most on alternate days. An intensive moisturizing conditioner must follow every hair wash.

For oily hair – finally, the ones with oily hair can afford to wash their hair daily as their scalp secretes more oil than necessary. This also causes this hair type to accumulate dirt easily and so a regular cleansing routine is indispensable.

But be sure that your hair is really oily if you want to follow a daily washing routine. If it’s only a little oily, washing your hair every other day should be enough. Conditioner should be used as sparingly as possible.

Lastly, avoid using shampoos containing harsh chemicals. It’s better to switch to mild shampoos containing natural ingredients as it is gentle on the hair. And don’t forget the conditioner as it helps your hair retain its sheen and strength by forming a protective layer on it.

Sidharth Thakur