How Not To Give Up On Love

breakup_185838t Breaking up a relationship is sometimes a necessity. Although, relationships are very important, it can do good as well as bad. There is no point in continuing the relationship where there is always a conflict between a couple and no solutions are working out. It is always better to break up and move on to a fresh life rather than sticking to the relationship and being frustrated day by day.

There are many ways to break up a relationship. Such things depend on the type of the man you are dealing with. You may take the decision based on short or long discussion with your guy. You may tell him gently why you are breaking it up or even you may be telling him on face also. All of these approaches are based on situations and the way you want it. If you want to give your guy a certain time to be the person of your choice, you can go ahead with your proposal. One thing what you must do is being honest with yourself.

Think of your guy – whether he is super nice, nice, meek or courageous, double-minded or really gentle or unquestionably horrible. You may take your steps further based on these facts. You have to be tactical to make you free from a relationship which you feel is not rewarding at all in any way. You may also use the avoiding strategy so that the guy himself proposes you eventually to break up for ever.

It seems difficult to call spade a spade. Your guy may feel bad and may enter the phase of sadness, too if you inform him about your decision for breaking up. But he will surely appreciate your honesty sooner or later and you will feel free and proud of your decision. Being good is not bad at all! You may tell him heartily the reasons for your decision.

It may also happen that the guy is very gentle and is also liked by everybody. But he may be horrible in relationship with you. It is disgusting to accept him forcibly day after day. After all, love is about sweetness and the insecurity without another. If there is no passion involved and you find no chance to revive it, it is better to break it up.

Hold yourself once and rethink if there are faults on your ground. If so, rectify at once and surrender to your guy with apology and start with him afresh. There is no harm in confessing faults in case of love. Rather, it builds the relationship strong and makes it flow easily. But, if you are sure to break up, do it.

In cases of neutral relationship where passion is not so involved, things are easier and less hazardous. A simple mail will do the needful. Never feel guilty, because you have taken the consent from your conscience and heart before doing it. Remember, relationship can create a life and can destroy also. You are the best person to choose your destiny.

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