How Much Makeup Should a Teenager Apply – Tips for Moms with Teenagers

A teenager is curious and wants to explore all possibilities. It is at this age the teenage girls begin to get interested in wearing makeup. With the right guidance they will learn to use the right amount of make up.

However if you do not supervise your teen’s use of make up she may not be aware of how much of and what make up to use. This may lead to her walking out of the house with everything from your makeup kit on her face. This is not something that any parent wants for her teen. Here are a few tips on how you can guide your daughter to wearing make up.

You teenager needs to be aware of the steps involved in a make up routine. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the 3 steps that every girl and women needs to be aware of before any makeup application. Let your teen understand her skin type and use products that will suit her skin.

Teens also need to exfoliate their skin regularly as they are prone to acne and oily skin. Exfoliating will also prevent blackheads and whiteheads from forming while also getting rid of dirt and oil that is trapped within the pores.

Teens also need to use a toner or an astringent on their skin. This will help to close the pores and prevent dirt and oil from clogging them. Also look out for a good moisturizer for your daughter. Those with fragrances are no better that one without so don’t worry about it. A deep moisturizing cream will acts as a base for the makeup.

Teens can wear a thin layer of foundation to create a fresh face that is blemish free. Brush powder all over your skin and neck. Use a light shade of lipstick or lip tint. Teens can wear shiny lip gloss as it gives them an innocent look. Stay clear from dark colors like reds and maroons.

You can use pinks and peaches during the day and if you want a darker color for night then brown will suit your need. Use a light blush to match the color of your lips. Highlight only one feature on your face.

The last step in your make up routine is a spray of perfume. Don’t wear a perfume that is too strong or over bearing. A light floral fragrance will suit you best.

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