How Is Hair Rebonding Done?

Tired of looking at your unruly wavy hair, you can think along the lines of getting a hair rebonding done, which is the latest in hair straightening techniques. This technique is quite effective and though it may take nearly six hours of your time and a good deal of money, you will surely be satisfied with the end result which is sleek and straight hair.

Maybe you’ve already thought about it once in a way, but haven’t made up your mind because you don’t really know what the whole process is. So to help you with making your decision about hair rebonding we’re detailing the process out here.

The time that hair rebonding treatment will take in your case will depend upon your head texture and the length of the hair, with short lengths needing just about three hours and the really long ones about ten hours. It’s better to check with your hair stylist how long the treatment will go on so as to adjust your schedule for the day accordingly.

To begin with your hair stylist will use a mild shampoo to wash hair and will follow it with blow drying on a medium heat level. Once your hair is completely dry, the hair will be separated into different sections and a cream based softener or what is known as a relaxant is applied to each section, spreading it evenly so as to cover each and every strand of hair.

After applying the softener the hair has to be kept absolutely straight, for which specially designed thin plastic boards are used. The relaxant is left on the head for about 30 to 40 minutes, with 40 minutes being the maximum time since keeping it on your hair any longer may make your hair brittle. After rinsing off the hair relaxant, your hair stylist will apply steam to your hair for a minimum of ten minutes.

The hair is once again blow dried and is followed with an application of keratin lotion. The hair stylist will then use a hair straightening iron to straighten the hair further to the desired satisfaction level and to remove any remaining curls. Once again, the hair will be separated into sections and a neutralizer will be applied to the hair and allowed to stand on the hair for a minimum of 30 minutes. After rinsing off with cold water, one more session of blow drying will follow and finally the treatment will be finished off with an application of hair serum.

Sidharth Thakur