How Healthy Is Mineral Makeup For Your Skin Health?

mineral makeup Mineral makeup is the latest in beauty trends, and there is a lot of hype surrounding mineral makeup because it is believed to carry loads of health benefits for the skin.

But before you get convinced to buy and try mineral makeup on your skin, we will suggest that you must read through this page to understand what the truth behind mineral makeup is.

The big tall claims

Most women are drawn towards mineral makeup because mineral makeup is believed to give your skin the health benefits that no other type of makeup and beauty products, offer. These formulations are believed to be safer even for the sensitive skin.

Ever since the mineral makeup was introduced in the market, there are lots and lots of people who have become great fans of this new range of beauty products. Some women who have used these mineral makeup products say that it is light and natural and that it adds a natural glow to the skin.

Is it all true?

Ask the skin experts and most of them will agree that mineral makeup isn’t actually any different or as wonderful as the advertisements claim it to be. It’s, in fact, a genius marketing plan to sell the same old products, which aren’t very different from what you may have been using for years, to you at a somewhat higher price.

The main ingredients in mineral makeup are zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and mica. But as a matter of fact all these ingredients have been used in most of the makeup and beauty products for the last several decades. This implies that there is essentially nothing new in these products and the higher price you are paying for the mineral makeup isn’t quite justified.

However, there is one advantage of using this new range of mineral makeup, that it usually doesn’t contain the binders, preservatives and synthetic dyes found in most other types of makeup products.

Sidharth Thakur