How Happiness and Health Are Inter-Related

It’s really easy to get caught up with the daily drama of life and sometimes lose the trace of happiness amidst the hurry and curry, the hustle and the bustle of mundane life. But when your happiness level goes astoundingly high, that’s the time you feel on top of the world and you are in the pink of health.

The people who can live happily have hearts that are younger and looks that are young too. Happy people come round from illness soon, recover from surgery and have a lower blood pressure too. They have a longer expectancy of life than unhappy people. According to research, happy people don’t catch cold a lot and they come out of viruses and flu very soon. Even if they suffer from cold and flu, the symptoms are milder.

Happy people also tend to look after themselves much better. The health behavior of a person obviously improves when the happiness level goes up. These people care for themselves wear sunscreen when they go out in the sun and go for a regular health check up. The people are not always good at foreseeing what can make them happy although being happy, the benefits are great in number. If you need happiness for long term, you would have to learn some tricks and that’s the best way to get there.

We all come to know when we are happy and when we become sad. If you ask people what makes them happy they come up with common answers like spending time with friends watching the sunrise, going shopping or winning a match. Defining happiness is a tough ball game. Researchers have found out a number of questionnaires to ask people about their mood, positive or not and their mental well being.

Although it is difficult to find out what makes people happy, it could be your genes too that adds that little element of happiness in you. Your happiness level is not determined by the genes but they do play a great part in your physical health. Forty per cent to fifty per cent of the capacity of happiness in man can be predetermined.

Some people can start off in life with a great capacity of being happy, while some do not. According to evidence, even a much gloomy person can turn out to be happy some day. You can focus on what all you have in life and build positive hopes on them. You would be surprised to learn how many positive things have happened to you each day.

Go for a pampering time at the spa. It is not only pleasurable but also a great way to de-stress. The stress levels are well under control with a spa treatment. It would definitely have a positive effect on your life and your emotional health.

If you win a lot of money it would make you wealthy in a short while, but does that make you happy too? You could go on a beach holiday with some friends and the moments of happiness would be there but short-lived.

Happiness is something that comes from within. It is the best attitude to have and people who are down to earth, humble and honest are the happiest people on the earth. Meditation and Yoga work wonders and so do cardio-vascular exercises. A good health can make you happy. Simple living is another good tip to happiness too. It is what you are at the end of the day. Happiness and Health are two sides of the same coin.