How Hairstyles Rule The Fashion Trend

hair-style There is a new word in the air: whatever you wear, that has some significance to the right kind of hair. The news is that the year two thousand eight had its indication of trendy hair playing a major role in two thousand nine’s women’s fashion.

The style can be anything from extremely girly to extremely short, or purely slick to completely sexual. The only hair style to take a back seat and will be hard to find is the bob cut in a woman’s hairstyle.

Here are some of the trends that are making their presence felt in a new way.

“The Cropped Bob”: this is a modified extreme form of collaboration between the pure bob and the pixie crop variants. It is short all the way supported by a profoundly shortened “blunt cut fringe”. The style is loud enough and is only suitable for the oozing confident ones.

The style is completely grabbing attention and is far from being subtle while worn with the master combination of “peroxide blonde hair”. A good celebrity example to the style would be Agyness Deyn, and Katie Holmes.

“The Pixie Crop”: this style had its origin in the year two thousand eight however; it had its due contribution in styling hair and got a graceful continuation in two thousand nine as well. For the fashioners who believe in extremity and are keen to actually take a scissor on their hair, this pixie crop style is for them to offer a way less subtle a look than even the cropped bob. The style if practiced properly would give a sense of funkiness and youth.

“Long Hair”: is the in thing in the year two thousand nine. Short hairs are smart but long are graceful, and sexy. A lot of fashion magazines and style critics are recommending long hair to short this season. The reason you see my friends is pretty feasible.

The true fashion centric folks are already done and have successfully dusted “the bob hair cut”, while the other shorter variations can’t be sported by everybody and as well won’t even suit all faces, but the long cuts and suitably layered variation leaves a woman to take the complete advantage of being a style icon this season.

A bit of an oomph factor can be easily sported with the long and voluminous style of hair-do that matches the “Bohemian Luxury AUTUMN (FALL)/ WINTER fashion trend” of two thousand nine.