How Exercising Makes Your Brain Work Better

kee The benefits of exercise are not limited to a well sculpted body; rather exercising does a lot of good to keep your mind active and sharp. So, while enjoying a lean and toned body, you get to enjoy some intellectual capital as well. Exercising brings about both direct and indirect benefits for your brain, which boost your memory and sharpen your thinking ability.

Good for your memory

There have been several studies and researches, which points towards improvement in memory of people who follow a regular exercising regime. And for age related memory loss, exercise proves to be ‘the’ solution. As we age, our brain tissues start dying out, but in case you are regular with your exercises you’re less likely to suffer brain tissue loss. And obviously, when your brain tissues are in good health your retention power and memory will remain good as well.

More brain activity

The more you exercise, the more is the blood supply to your brain, and that’s what is needed to stay alert and focused. So, when you aren’t able to focus, instead of hitting the sack, think about going for a little jog or a walk.

Protects your brain

Strength and resistance training, which have been mostly related with muscle gain, have of late been reckoned as hormone boosters to protect your brain. Healthy exercising regularly encourages the production of hormones which are needed to protect the brain tissues against aging.

Additional benefits

Working out regularly has also been associated with some other indirect yet significant improvements in mental functions. For one, exercising gets you a nice sleep and everyone knows that for mental acuteness proper rest is critical. Also, sticking to an exercise regime will give a boost to your energy levels and you are less likely to experience fatigue.

The closing note

When you get on to an exercise regimen, be a little realistic about what you’re going to achieve and don’t think that your IQ scores are just going to skyrocket. Mental improvements are a gradual process and if you follow a minimum of three exercise sessions a week, of 30 minutes each, you might see some improved mental abilities in a few months. And lastly remember that consistency is the key to improving brainpower with the aid of physical exercise.

Sidharth Thakur