How Effective is Tubal Ligation for Birth Control

Tubal ligation or surgical sterilization is a permanent birth control measure which involves the tying up of the fallopian tubes. Fallopian tubes are what facilitate the egg to move from the ovaries to the uterus for fertilization, and by tying them up, the eggs are restricted from getting down to the uterus.

Also with the fallopian tubes tied up, the sperm will not be able to travel up to the egg, and so it’s believed to be a permanent birth control resolution. The fallopian tubes can be closed by cutting them of burning them in the mid, or by using clips or bands to restrict the movement of the eggs.

The procedure is invasive and a small incision is made to reach the fallopian tubes. It’s a quick procedure and the patient is allowed to go back home after a few hours of the surgery.

Now, the big question her is whether this form of birth control is 100% effective in preventing pregnancies? Apparently, even as the procedure sounds completely effective, it has a success rate of 99.5% only. This leaves some chances of getting pregnant even after getting a tube ligation done, let’s try and see how surgical sterilization may become in effective.

In certain cases one part of the cut off or burnt fallopian tube may grow back and join up with the other part, which will make the eggs to travel to the uterus in the normal way.

In cases where a band or clip is used to tie up the fallopian tube, the band or clip may become loose or move from its place, over time. And if the egg passes through the passage thus created, you may become pregnant if it meets up with a sperm.

Ectopic pregnancies also stand a chance in case of surgical sterilization, wherein the already fertilized egg may be present in some unusual location such as within the tube or in the cervix. Is such a case the pregnancy test will show positive results, however a below normal hCG level will confirm an ectopic pregnancy. And there is no way but to treat this surgically.

All these occurrences are very rare, and by far surgical sterilization or tubal ligation is the best and most effective permanent birth control measure.