How Does A Teenager Prevent Acne Breakouts

How Does A Teenager Prevent Acne Breakouts

How Does A Teenager Prevent Acne Breakouts Are you a teenager who is in love with own self? If the answer is yes, don’t worry. It’s not the narcissus in you, but it’s your real age. With hormonal changes and changing body, most teenagers find it difficult to adjust to such changes.

Some love the way the body is changing while some are confused. Apart from these, what horrifies almost every teenager are acne and pimples. Hormonal changes also give frequent breakouts. Some are genetically prone to break outs, but despair not, with little effort these break outs can be easily controlled. Two things must be kept in mind, if you wish you wish to control your breakouts.

First ,watch your diet. No no, this doesn’t mean starve yourself, it simply means eat right and drink plenty of water. Second, follow a good skincare regimen. Include fresh vegetables in your diet. Junk food, although scientifically proven, doesn’t affect your pimples directly, indeed has an indirect effect.

If you don’t eat right, you are not healthy enough and if you are not healthy enough, how do you expect to have a good glowing skin? Water would eliminate the toxins from your body and keep your skin hydrated and supple. Now here comes the skin regimen. Apart from using the right skincare products, avoid touching your skin with your unclean hands.

Germs from your hands may transfer to your facial skin making your break outs worse. Start your day with a good cleanser. Look for cleansers with salicylic acids. Salicylic acid helps in reducing already existing acne as well as prevents them. Choose the right kind of cleanser. Most cleansers have indication of skin type.

So, you won’t need rocket science to find the right kind of cleanser for you. After cleansing, use a good toner and stay away from those which contain alcohol. Oily skinned must not skip this step as this would shrink the pores and keep oiliness at bay for quite some time. Next don’t forget to moisturize. Choose an oil free moisturizer.

For oily skin, oil –free for summer and something more moisturizing, but oil free would work for winter. Normal skin types can go for any. Dry skin would need more moisturizing compositions. Next, this step is almost always overlooked, doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, and wear a good sunscreen. Sun damages can cause frequent acne break outs.

If you are in love with your tan, fake it with self tanners, instead of staying out for long hours in the sun. If you feel your face looks shiny after using a sunscreen, give it five minutes to absorb, then pat on a dry tissue and dust a little bit of powder on it.

Wash your face when you get back from your games or from school and always moisturize afterward. Follow this C-T-M (Cleansing-toning-moisturizing) routine before going to bed as well. Last but not the least, take proper rest. A good sleep at night would work wonder. So, no more acne or pimples… enjoy the prime of your life.

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