How Do You Stop A Divorce That You Started?

divorce Quite often, in a fit of temper you head for a divorce, you file your papers at the earliest possible only to realize it a bit later that you never really want this divorce to happen.

But then, once the legal proceedings for the divorce begin, it will not be possible for you alone to stop the divorce. To stop the proceedings the court demands that both the parties must agree and withdraw their petition.

So, if you’re a person who’s planning on a divorce but hasn’t yet filed for it, you’d better wait some time, to be absolutely sure that you want to go ahead with a divorce. Because, once the proceedings begin, and your spouse is determined to end the relationship you, you can do nothing to stop the divorce.

Anyways, before we talk about how you can try and patch up with your spouse to stop a divorce, we’d just like to warn you that it makes no sense to slow down the divorce proceedings because that makes the whole thing a bit more painful and definitely a bit more costly for the both of you.

Your only hope

When you started the divorce procedure, your relationship was definitely troubled and most likely the two of you were unwilling to make changes to try and save your marriage.

Then a few weeks down the line, you feel you want to get back with him. At this point there is no other way out, but to convince your spouse to stop the divorce proceedings.

To begin with, try and identify what went wrong, and once you know where the problem began you can easily figure out how to sort out the matter. The reasons why you decided for a divorce can range from financial to emotional or from infidelity to abuse.

But once you’re clear about what went wrong, you can always device some method to get your life back on track. For instance, if the reason was substance abuse or alcoholism then you can take your spouse to some self help groups like alcoholics anonymous. If the problem was something emotional, a marriage counselor may be quite helpful.

Do remember, that not all troubled marriages end up in divorce. That means there’s always a chance of fixing your troubled marriage. But then, if you have already filed for a divorce, then you will need to talk it out with your spouse and convince him to withdraw his divorce petition. Apart from that there is no other way in which you can stop the divorce proceedings.

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Sidharth Thakur