How Do You Begin Talking Dirty With Your Man

sexaddicted0 Talking dirty can spice up your sex life on to a whole new level, but before you take the brave leap, here are some things that you must understand so as to play safe and not mess up everything.

Start it the right way

It’s best to go slow, because if you suddenly begin talking dirty, your man may be taken aback by a shock. And even you may not be quite comfortable talking dirty, right away.  The best way to begin is by text messaging him some naughty stuff on his cell phone. From naughty you can shift over to erotic, and when you’re sure he kind of likes it and you’re also comfortable talking such stuff only then should you finally get onto talking dirty with him.

Infuse it in into your sex sessions

Men like to talk dirty and are actually aroused if their women begin reciprocating in the dirty lingo. Now if you’re shy about talking dirty when you are face to face with him, then think about whispering some naughty stuff into his ears, interspersed somewhere in the moans and groans, while you’re having sex. Hearing something naughty, sexy or outright dirty coming out of your mouth will have a lightening effect on your man, and you are sure to love his intensity that will follow.

The limits

If talking dirty sounds a bit cheesy, don’t be scared because that’s exactly how it’s supposed to sound. Your man is going to love it as long as you keep your dirty talk a little sexy and a bit wicked, however you mustn’t cross the line and begin using offensive or abusive words that could result in a bad reaction from him. Don’t get into the habit of talking dirty all day long, and especially not in front of others.

When you begin talking dirty, your man is going to feel liberated to use the dirty words himself. And at times, you may not really like the kind words that he uses. Because their vocabulary can be dirtier than what you can even think of, but that doesn’t mean that you give him a scornful look or begin lecturing him. If you don’t like some of his dirty talks, you can put across the idea politely and subtly, without getting into confrontation.

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