How Do Breast Enlargement Pills Work

Big breasts have always been a craze with most men, and just to get more attention from the men women try several tricks to make there breasts seem larger, more prominent and more enticing.

While most women still try out the usual things like deep necklines, uplifting bras and padding to make their breasts more appealing, some women look for more permanent solutions like surgery and pills. Since surgery doesn’t fit into every woman’s budget, breast enlargement pills are gaining immense popularity.

What do the pills do?

Most of the breast enlargement pills are nothing but estrogen hormone supplements. Estrogen is the chief hormone in a woman’s body, and the more it is in the body the more feminine the woman is expected to be. So, the underlying theory behind most of these breast enlargement pills is to estrogen concentration so as to promote the growth of breast tissues.

However, there is something seriously wrong with this approach, and that’s the reason that while most of the pill manufacturers advertise a good deal about the results you can achieve with their pills, they actually never promise any results.

There are some breast enlargement pills available in the market, which do not contain estrogen. Apparently what they contain are nutritional supplements that promote the production of estrogen, so the story still remains the same. What you must understand here is that while estrogen is very much needed for the well being of a woman, it cannot make your breasts larger.

There is also another category of pills which try to simulate the pregnancy conditions in your body. During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts become larger to facilitate the production of milk. And that’s exactly what these pills try to do; they try to create a hormonal environment similar to one that exists during pregnancy, to promote the growth of breast tissues.

And with this type of pills, you may be able to see your breasts growing bigger. However, they will shrink back to normal once you go off the pills, leaving you with droopy and sagging breasts. The artificial hormonal environment created with these pills, can result in a lot of irreparable damage to the internal organs.

Keeping all these facts in mind, do rethink over your decision about taking pills for breast enlargement.

Sidharth Thakur