How do Anti-wrinkle Creams Work?

You must surely have come across several hundred testaments talking about Anti wrinkle creams, which promised to make you look younger. Let’s have a look at what this whole hype is all about and whether these “anti-wrinkle creams” can actually delay the aging process.

These creams are specially formulated to reduce fine lines and retard the formation of wrinkles on the skin. Some of these creams are made specially to take care of some specific areas, such as under eye creams and gels, which target the fine lines around the eyes. Do not be deluded to believe that the anti-wrinkle creams can completely remove the wrinkles from your skin, instead consider them as formulations which will slow down the appearance of the signs of aging. Most anti-wrinkle creams remove the dead skin cells and firm-up the overall skin appearance, thus making you look somewhat younger. Some anti-wrinkle creams are believed to stimulate collagen production, which can make the fine lines to disappear.

Every anti-wrinkle cream has its own different composition, and only a few top brand anti-wrinkle creams boast of ingredients which have been scientifically proven to work towards reduction of wrinkles. Some of these ingredients are vitamin E, vitamin A, Hydroxy acids, ALA, Kinetin, DMAE, Coenzyme, Retin-A and Isoflavones.

The vitamins in this list and Alpha-lipoic acid are primarily used for their antioxidant properties.

Hydroxy acids such as Alpha, beta and poly hydroxy acids, remove the old dead skin cells and promote the development of new skin.Kinetin aids in moisture retention and collagen production.

Coenzyme and Retin-A works towards preventing the formation of new wrinkles while also protecting your skin against sun damage.

Retin-A also does the added task of preventing and treating acne.DMAE, a naturally occurring substance in fish, has shown good results in toning and tightening of the skin.

Isoflavones are known to trim down the formation of fine lines while also repairing age spots.

Now you know what ingredients in your anti-wrinkle cream, will have what effect on your skin and that will surely come in handy when deciding about which particular brand of anti-wrinkle cream to buy.

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